The main Google Parent Alphabet lawyer to step down

David Drummond, the chief legal officer of Alphabet, a parent of Google, resigned from the company following a board-level review of his handling of sexual harassment requests against a number of senior executives.

Drummond, an 18-year-old Google veteran, said on Friday in an internal note that he would withdraw from the company later this month. After co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin withdrew from their involvement in Alphabet last month, he wrote: “I think it’s also the right time to make way for the next generation of leaders.”

Drummond had been one of the executives at the center of a dispute over the company’s handling of sexual harassment requests, which resulted in a global employee strike in late 2018 and legal action against the board.

He was allowed to continue to serve as Alphabet’s best lawyer, despite the disclosure that he had been involved in a relationship and had a son with a former member of the company’s legal staff. He started to pour most of his personal shares into the company late last year, selling shares worth more than $ 200 million and reducing his stake below $ 100 million.

Other former Google executives involved in the scandal include Andy Rubin, a former head of the Android mobile software business, and Amit Singhal, a former head of research, both of whom left big profits after internal sexual harassment complaints, which were never made. public.

Google’s shareholders sued the California state court a year ago, accusing the company’s board of directors of hiding allegations of harassment. Along with current and former Alphabet directors, the lawsuit also targeted Mr. Drummond for the role he played in a $ 90 million payment to Rubin.

The lawsuit triggered an internal review by a special Google council committee on how harassment cases had been handled. The committee did not disclose the results of its investigation, or even if a full report on the matter was submitted to the company’s board of directors.

But the committee went ahead with a recommendation late last year that the company and shareholders are trying to find a solution to the lawsuit, a sign that it has reached the end of the investigation.

The lawsuit required monetary damages, as well as better oversight of sexual harassment cases and an end to the use of non-disclosure agreements to limit what former employees can say about such situations.

Drummond was first involved with Google’s founders, acting as an external legal adviser in setting up the company before joining full-time in 2002. When Alphabet was created in 2015, he moved from Google to become chief legal officer at the holding. , ending his direct involvement in the operations.

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