Dragon Age Inquisition wallpaper-4
(Photo: EA)

Today leading producer Dragon Age 4Fernando Melo left BioWare, a company he has worked in for 12 years. As you may know, this happens only two days after lead producer Ben Irving has left BioWare. Unlike Melo, who worked on the new Dragon AgeIrving was the main producer anthem, According to Melo, he travels on his own and probably on good terms. As for the reason he's leaving, the producer does not reveal too many details, but notes that he wanted to decouple and has some new creative ideas to explore. The news of the departure came from Melo's personal Twitter account and via the following thread:

"There is really no easy way to sum up all the fantastic experiences and friendships in our studios, our partners and in our community that I've been so happy about these years," adds a follow-up Tweet.

As you can see in the above e-mail, Melo mentions the new one Dragon Ageand calls it "final" Dragon Age Experience."

"I am incredibly proud and honored to have played a role in it, and I look forward to the opportunity to experience the next one Dragon Age This time as a fan, "added Melo.

Dragon Age 4 is currently under development at BioWare. At the time of publication, there was neither a release window nor platforms or a final name for the game. More news, media and information can be found here.


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