The Mandalorian (Chapter 12) – Midichlorians Strike Back

The fourth episode of the second season of The Mandalorian it’s kind of strange. On the one hand, it meets all the characteristics of what we call a “filler” chapter. However, this is a revelation of great importance that will definitely have considerable repercussions on the mythology of Star Wars. Without further ado, let’s talk about The siege.

Understandably, some fans were a bit disappointed in this episode. After all, the previous chapter promised us Ahsoka Tano and some believed we were going to see her here. There is still no sign of beloved Togruta, but at least we had two important characters from the series back: Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), who we hadn’t seen since the end of the first season.

Below you will find ‘spoilers’ of The Mandalorian, Chapter 12 (Season 2, Episode 4): The siege.

The Mandalorian Chapter 12 review

This episode of The Mandalorian it is, in essence, little more than a reunion mission. Taking advantage of the fact that the Mandalorian is back on the planet Nevarro, his friends recruit him to destroy an imperial base that is supposed to be semi-abandoned. With this they tried to get rid of the influence of the Empire forever. Again we return to the issue of a supposedly over war that continues to spread. It doesn’t matter that the New Republic has declared itself victorious: the remnants of the Empire continue to cause damage and slowly regain some power. We know that the First Order is going to emerge eventually — it’s the ‘new age’ they refer to at the end of the episode — and that casts a shadow of sadness over the universe these characters inhabit.

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We can also see the tension that exists between Nevarro and supposedly other outer ring planets with the New Republic. They resist coming under their control just as they did the Empire. This is a good sample of the reasons why the new government will end up failing in its intentions to unite the entire galaxy, something that is shown in detail in the novels and comics of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars.

Back to The Mandalorian and the attack on the imperial base, this gives us some entertaining action sequences. However, they are nothing we haven’t seen multiple times in the franchise. The inclusion of Mythrol, the character played by comedian Horatio Sanz, doesn’t add too much to the development beyond a fun hint about the lack of handrails in Imperial architecture. The passage of time throughout the chapter is also strange and it’s hard to believe that they fixed the Razorcrest so quickly.

The director of this episode was Carl Weathers himself. He has already directed episodes of television series in the past, but is not able to equip The Mandalorian of the dynamism and showiness that other directors have given it.

But there were very good things anyway! As always, the best are still the interactions between the protagonist and the child. The first scene, where he’s trying to give her instructions to fix the ship, is a bit predictable, but a lot of fun. It’s also heartwarming — albeit a little gross — to see her wipe up her vomit after she has eaten too many cookies, which she blatantly stole from a classmate. Oh yeah: Baby Yoda went to school to keep showing off his gluttony. It’s disappointing that they didn’t take advantage of that to give us more comic moments.

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The Mandalorian season 2 episode 4The Mandalorian season 2 episode 4

The most important of The siege is that we finally learned the reasons why the Empire was so anxiously searching for Baby Yoda. His goal is to use his blood, rich in midichlorians, to try to create his own Force-sensitive soldiers. Understandably, the mention of midichlorians causes some embarrassment, especially after the sequel trilogy decided to ignore them entirely. Fortunately, this is quite an interesting use of that idea.

And that’s not the most worrying thing! At the end of the episode we discover that Moff Gideon is now able to track Din Djarin and the boy thanks to a hidden device on his ship. We also see that he is more than ready for combat thanks to a large amount of… combat armor? Droids? It is not clear what we see in the end, but it is ominous.

The Mandalorian The Siege reviewThe Mandalorian The Siege review

Cara Dune also had an important moment with a New Republic agent, the same one we saw two episodes ago. She was forced to face the tragedy that befell her planet: Alderaan. Although Gina Carano has “fallen out of favor” for sharing hateful messages and far-right conspiracy theories on her social media, her character is very interesting and we’d like to see more of her.

Chapter 13 of The Mandalorian, which we will see on November 27, will be directed by Dave Filoni: creator of Ahsoka Tano. It is quite likely that this is the episode in which we finally see Rosario Dawson in the role of that beloved character. We can not wait.

Remember that we will continue to analyze all the episodes of this series, so visit us every Friday to read about the latest chapter. Here you can find our analysis of the first three of this season.

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