The Mandalorian: Chapter 12 – The Expulsion

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What does a unwilling single father need in an emergency? Sure: good friends! Our hero breaks off his journey and returns to the starting point. That he has a snappy adventure there is now a point of honor at The Mandalorian.

What is happening?

The Crest is almost falling apart and the Mandalorian sees no way out but to return to his friends on Nevarro. In return, he has to help with a trip to an old imperial facility?

In circles

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? At the end of the grand finale of the first season, the Mandalorian set out with the child to find out his origins and bring him back to his people. At that time one could have assumed that he would set off on a wild chase into the depths of the galaxy.

After four episodes of the second season, and thus halfway through the new adventure, the dynamic duo is now returning to exactly where it all began some time ago: on the planet Nevarro. The reason is simple: Although Din Djarin tried to repair the crest that was falling apart with the help of his travel partner, he quickly realized that the little green guy is really cute, but not of much help. The whole scene is so charming that it almost looks like something out of a Star Wars sitcom: Reluctant Father. So the Mando decides to return to Greef Carga and Cara Dune for repairs.

For us fans it is of course nice to see the likeable heroes again, but in terms of story progress one has to state: So far, the search for the mysterious green trolls has been a journey in circles. But there is no question that all of this has been incredibly entertaining so far.

Walk down memory lane

In the meantime, time did not stand still on Nevarro: Cara Dune has worked her way up to Marshal and, together with Magister Greef Carga, tidied up things. Nevertheless, one of course pulls a problem out of the pocket that was previously unknown: The Empire still maintains a rather imposing outpost on the other side of the planet, which must now be destroyed.

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