The Mandalorian Review Season 2 Episode 4: Fill in the gaps with “oha” moments

And the quest series of Din Djarin continues in the fourth episode of “The Mandalorian”. It’s a little quieter than the last episode, but still has two pretty blatant revelations in store for fans of the entire “Star Wars” universe!

Warning, spoilers!

Below is detailed information on the fourth episode of the second season of “The Mandalorian”. The title: “The Expulsion”. You read on at your own risk.

“The Mandalorian”, Season 2, Episode 4: That Happened

The result in one sentence

Mando returns to Nevarro with Baby Yoda to have the Crest repaired and meet old friends.

Mando and the child return to Nevarro with their Razor Crest rattle box. We remember: Among other things, the first season finale played there, in which Moff Gideon was killed (as if …). A small reunion with his two allies Greef Karga and Cara Dune is waiting for Din Djarin.

The two have since made Nevarro a place where life is raging, children go to school and trade is booming. The gray sadness is snow – or rather dust – from yesterday. While two engineers are whipping up the Razor Crest, Greef Karga asks the Mandalorian for help: They want to destroy an abandoned military base of the empire and thus make the planet finally safe.

Since Din Djarin can’t do anything else but wait for the crest to be repaired, he agrees. As in season 1, Mando, Greef Karga and Cara Dune work hand in hand and get to the base without any problems – which is anything but deserted. As it turns out, it’s not a military station at all, it’s a laboratory!

The trio manages to set in motion a self-destruct mechanism that blows up the base. You can escape in time, but with an armada of speederbikes and tie-fighters in tow. But you can shake it off – ok, you can rather break it down into its individual parts – and safely return to town.

It really happened

Sounds like a cheesy episode right? It follows the typical pattern: Mando comes to a (new) place, gets a task, does it and flies on. Still, there are two details that Star Wars fans are likely to gasp at.

Let’s start with the fact that the military base is a laboratory. There is a quick pan to the containers filled with blue liquid and what is in them. Did you recognize it? It looks like there’s a clone version of Snoke in one of the tanks. Thus the fourth episode of “The Mandalorian” ties in with the events of the sequel trilogy or prepares them. Apparently, Season 2 of the series explains what the movie episodes 7, 8 and 9 failed: How did Snoke come about? What was the “creation process” like?


Does anyone have to think about the movie poster for “Shape of Water”?

Bild: © Screenshot Disney+/TURN ON 2020

From a hologram showing the doctor from the very first “The Mandalorian” episode, we learn what the point of the laboratory is. In order to successfully bring their “object” in the tank to life, they need a higher M-number. Of course, we mean the midi-chlorians. Whoever has it in their blood has the power. In season 1, baby Yoda was drawn from blood, but the doctor said it was not enough. The body that was supposed to receive the blood rejected it. He needs more to come to life. Means: The hunt for the child is far from over.

After this scene several questions arise: Is the blood really intended for Snoke? Anyone who has seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” knows that the doctors will be successful with their experiments, because Snoke is alive! For a short time at least … But how did you get the blood? As the doc mentions, they need so much blood that the donor would not survive. You won’t sacrifice the foundling at the end of the season or the series, will you? Disney shouldn’t want to give itself the shitstorm. But where does the blood come from then?

The previous episode first mentioned Ahsoka, who also has power. Does she end up falling victim to the experiments? The scene in the laboratory would not only be a reference to the sequel trilogy, but also to “Star Wars Rebels”.

The second hit of the fourth episode was clearly the Legends reference: Moff Gideon (yeah, he’s back!) Is standing in a hall full of dark troopers. They have not appeared in the three film trilogies so far, but in “Star Wars Legends”. You know, the Legends part that Disney gallantly ignores. So we can only speculate: They are modified clones – with the difference that there is hardly a spark of humanity in them. You’re more of a cyborg of sorts. They have powerful weapons, are incredibly agile and have excellent tactical skills. In short: Nobody really wants to mess with them.

There are three phases in its development. In the current episode of “The Mandalorian” it looks like it could be the third phase troopers.

Dark Trooperfullscreen

Döö döö döö, dö-dö-döööö, dö-dö-döööö, …

Bild: © Screenshot Disney+/TURN ON 2020

The person who is in the hall with Moff Gideon is also interesting. He wears the clothes and the symbol of the Kaminoans. However, there were no humans among them – they were an amphibian-like species with long necks. It is true that they once worked together with the empire until the long-term occupation of their planet came about. But it is hard to imagine that they are now cooperating with Moff Gideon. It is more likely that the Empire secured the knowledge of the researchers who worked with the Kaminoans. Wherever the connection is, this person is an indication that Moff Gideon is working with the clone pros and with their help is putting together a new force.

Those are two pretty big hits, aren’t they? Oh, why does the Razor Crest look like new again after just a few hours of work? I just don’t question it anymore. Either Mando is always exaggerating when it comes to the condition of the Crest, or Nevarro has the most blatant super-engineers in the galaxy!

Highlights in episode 4: My four favorites

1. The Mythrol is back!

The Mandalorianfullscreen

Was too cold for him in the long run.

Bild: © François Duhamel/Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. 2019

Do you remember the very first episode in which Mando captured the Mythrol and wrapped it securely in carbonite? He celebrates his big comeback in episode 4. Greef Karga gave him a second chance. As a kind of secretary he is Karga’s right hand man. He will be sentenced to several hundred years in prison if he shows himself to be cooperative and supports the group in their tasks. A highlight was definitely the moment when the Mythrol sees Mando again and a small mist of water escapes from its gills. I had to get to them somehow A scene from “Finding Nemo” think, in which the little baby octopus loses ink and says: “Aaaah, now i’m inked up!”

2. The wolf in sheep’s clothing


Hey Ochi, is that you?

Bild: © Screenshot Disney+/TURN ON 2020

How stupid do the makers think we are? It was clear from the start that the engineer was playing a wrong game. The way he stares after Mando and Baby Yoda, it was logical that he would manipulate the crest and end up working for the other side. No shit, Sherlock !? The surprise would have turned out better if the red scaled face had not been zoomed in several times at the beginning. Then the twist at the end of the episode would have made for a decent oha moment …

3. Baby Yoda and the cable fire

Tangled cablesfullscreen

Blue or red … what difference does that make ?!

Bild: © Screenshot Disney+/TURN ON 2020

Sorry, but Baby Yoda was again a highlight for me. The opening scene in the Crest had absolutely no added value, but it was very cute. And it was courageous of Mando to entrust the technology of the Crest to his foundling. It’s like letting your two-year-old child defuse a bomb, but they end up doing what they want. You can do it, but it can also end badly …

4. Honor where honor is due


“The Mandalorian” can also be sentimental.

Bild: © Screenshot Disney+/TURN ON 2020

There is a very emotional moment at the end of the episode. The X-Wing pilot from the second episode of season 2 (Where was Dave Filoni ?!) heard about Cara Dune’s martial arts and tried to convince her to become one of them. We learn a little more about her past – that she is just another person who lost everything in the destruction of Alderaan. Even if she doesn’t follow the pilot, he honors her and her achievements with a rebel medal. A nice moment …

The coolest moment in episode 4: The Canyon Chase

The Mandalorian Staffel 2 Stormtrooperfullscreen

Dumb, dumber, stormtroopers!

Bild: © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization | Disney+ 2020

I admit: the chase through the gorge is fun. Cara Dune, Greef Karga and the Mythrol have a cool race with the stormtroopers and tie-fighters. The scene also made me laugh out loud: While the soldiers jump down from the base with their speederbikes, it shows once again how stupid they are. Not only do they not hit anything even at close range – apparently they also can’t manage to coordinate their attack with the speeders. Although only a handful of soldiers are on the way downhill, they manage to knock each other over. So I would be more careful when choosing my employees …

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