“The Mandalorian”: Will the “Star Wars” series be continued as a film soon?

To the delight of the fans, “The Mandalorian” will soon enter the next round: On October 30, 2020, the second season of the “Star Wars” series adventure will start on Disney +. But that’s not all: a film could possibly also tell the story in the coming years. Director Jon Favreau is currently anything but averse to this idea.

Favreau explained in an interview with “Variety” that he is currently in no hurry to bring the series from the streaming service to the big screen. “But we are definitely open to it. We are curious to see where the story will lead us and are very happy that we have the flexibility – at the moment there are no fixed rules. The boundaries are blurring. Things that you normally only see in the cinema are now available on streaming services. And it can happen the other way around, “says Jon Favreau. (Also Read: This Cult Series Returns With New Episodes)

Pedro Pascal would like to see a film

Pedro Pascal would definitely like to be part of a possible film adaptation of “The Mandalorian”. The actor has never heard of anything like this: “I think the work is so beautiful that I would think it would be great to turn it into an experience for the big screen. But it’s going so well that I’m not sure whether it will change I know that this challenge could be surely mastered. It’s not as if people don’t have the necessary experience. If someone can make it, then these people! ” (Also interesting: Netflix turns the lockdown warehouse frenzy into a zoom call with a happy ending)

The work continues – despite the Corona crisis

Even the current Corona crisis does not keep the director Jon Favreau from his current and future work: “Technology always offers new possibilities to tell stories in new ways. It is an exciting time that we are currently living in, and I am very grateful that we can work from anywhere – thanks to the technology we are dealing with. So we try to keep going, even if it is a challenge for everyone. “

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