The map of the black spots of cycling mobility in Barcelona | Catalonia

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona and the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (IERMB) have published this Thursday an X-ray of bicycle accidents in Barcelona and its surroundings during the last decade (between 2010 and 2019). The report analyzes the 7,577 bicycle accidents registered by the Catalan Traffic Service and places them on a map which, with different layers of information, allows you to see accident by accident (location, day of the week, severity of the injured, sex, among other data) and also shows the accident concentration areas, the black dots.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​the map shows how the bulk of the accidents are concentrated on roads such as Avinguda de la Diagonal, Gran Via, Paral.lel, and specific points such as Plazas de Glòries, Verdaguer, Antoni López or Tetouan, the area of ​​Colón, the end of Calle de Marina, the Plaza de Espanya … It is interesting to cross the layers of the area with the highest cyclist accidents with the severity of the injured, to look at other points, such as Diputación a the height of Rambla Catalunya, the Sagrada Familia, sections of the Provença bike lane, Urgell street, Cinc d’Oros, or again Diputación touching the Joan Miró park.

The complete analysis reaches several conclusions. The most notable is that accidents with cyclists involved have remained stable during the last decade despite the increase in cyclists: 36 cyclists injured for every 10,000 trips. “The number of accident cyclists has grown between 2010 and 2019, but mobility by bicycle has also increased by 77%,” the report indicates.

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The map makes it possible to see very clearly how 94% of the accidents take place on urban roads. Although it also shows that outside cities only 6% of accidents occur, but they are more serious. In Barcelona, ​​97.5% of those injured are mild (less than 24 hours in the hospital), 2.3% serious (more than 24 hours in the hospital) and 0.2 deaths. On the other hand, in the second crown, the minor accidents are 92.2%, the serious ones 6.8% and the dead 1%.

More data: 54% of accidents take place at intersections, and half of the accidents with involved cyclists occur with passenger cars. Of other people injured in accidents involving bicycles, pedestrians (45%) and motorists (35%) stand out. Most of these cyclists are mild, the report notes.

By time of year, the accident rate shows higher values ​​in spring and summer. And with regard to the gender of accident cyclists, the proportion of men injured by bicycle increases when they occur outside of Barcelona and on the road.

“The results of the study will serve to prioritize the construction and improvement of bike lanes and Bicivia (the round of connection between metropolitan municipalities), to facilitate safer connections between municipalities and complete the great metropolitan bicycle network”, explains the Metropolitan Area. The 7,577 accidents have caused 7,807 injured cyclists, because in some there was more than one cyclist involved.

The vice president of Mobility, Transport and Sustainability of the AMB, Antoni Poveda, explained that the results “will help to improve, define and adjust policies to continue promoting the use of the bike, especially when designing and building, together with town halls, infrastructure for bicycles ”. Poveda has also pointed out the “need to strengthen the infrastructure in the interurban network, in the metropolitan connections, to favor the use of bicycles and give more security to users.”

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