The money will flow into a crowdfund for the Model Railway Club, whose exhibits were destroyed by four teenagers at the Stamford Welland Academy.

The JustGiving site was created by Market Deeping Model Railway Club secretary Brian Norris to help members recover some of the thousands of pounds they spent on the models they made.

For many it was a lifelong passion, and they had worked on their model train scenes for many years.

The Link of the Model Railway Club to its Crowdfunding Page (10656358)
The Link of the Model Railway Club to its Crowdfunding Page (10656358)

One of the destroyed locomotives had a value of about 8,000 pounds, while the exhibits had a total value of tens of thousands of pounds.

They belonged to members of the Market Deeping Club and other clubs who wanted to exhibit at the fair.

On the JustGiving page, Mr. Norris said, "The Market Deeper Model Railway Club needs your help in rebuilding.

"We have been holding our annual show in Stamford for the past 12 years, with months of planning flowing into the show, and years of work flowing into building the layout.

"Imagine our horror and grief when we were greeted by this scene of utter devastation on the morning of May 18, 2019.

Some of the models on display are irreplaceable, and although the money can not replace the hours of effort that were so willfully destroyed, we ask for a donation, no matter how small, to get us back on our feet. Please accept our thanks in advance. "

The JustGiving side had set a modest target of £ 500 – a fraction of the amount the model railroad enthusiasts had invested, and this was quickly achieved.

Donations and messages of support came from other model trainers, model railroad companies like Hornby, and people living in the Stamford and Market Deeping regions.

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