1. Midsommar

Ari Aster traded Hereditary claustrophobic environment and occult images for sunny plains and flower dresses. Led by Florence Pugh's devastating depiction of grief and despair, the result is no less terrifying.


2. Once upon a time in Hollywood

Another Tarantino film, another theatrical success. Once upon a time in HollywoodThe all-star cast, the witty dialogue and the joyously violent scenes make for a delightful ode to the Hollywood of the 60s.


3. parasite

A daring investigation of the structural inequality of director Bong Joon-ho. Smart dialogues and impressive pictures underline this twisted family drama.


4. The lighthouse

Robert Eggers creates a world of seagulls with one eye, crazy monologues and drunken dancing. With his exploration of reason and isolation, The lighthouse is sometimes funny, but mostly terrible.


5. us

Jordan Peele returns and does what is normal and harmless – a red jumpsuit and scissors – absolutely scary. It is a reasonable warning to stay away from tunnels near the beach.

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Worst: Big girl

Dancing mothers Unfortunately, Star Ava Michelle returns to the canvas Big girl, A formulaic, boring rom-com for young adults.

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1. Russian doll

Natasha Lyonne is full of somber mood and disturbingly funny thoughts about life and death. Marmot dayEsque drama.


2nd Fleabag

fleabagThe second season brings back the funny, hot mess of a woman who is "fleabag", examining the finer points of family issues, romantic issues and, well, Life Problems.

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3. I think you should go by Tim Robinson

Oh my god, we admit it: I think you should go with Tim Robinson& # 39; s cast of absurd oddballs made for some hysterical sketches.

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4. Sex education

sex education is an unswerving account of teenage sexuality: it's one of the most recent coming-of-age stories on TV recently.

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5. The Crown (Season Three)

The Oscar winner Olivia Coleman plays Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip of Tobias Menzies in one of the still best historical dramas on television.

(Urban and countryside)

The worst: queer eye Japan

The only thing worse than a neo-liberal virtue signal is the neo-liberal virtue signal with an imperialist twang. Queer eye japan is inappropriate and deaf and misunderstands cultural differences as negatives that can be improved by western life.

(The Wrap)

1. Norman Fucking Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey was a pioneer for a whole genre of melancholic and dreamy ballads in the early 10s. With NFR!, she rounds off the decade with her Magnum Opus: a haunting exploration of love and loss that she confirms as a voice for her generation.

2. Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood

The singer-songwriter Natalie Mering will make you happy with 42 minutes of dreamy ballads about love, despair and hope to be sad.

3. Igor of Tyler, the creator

post Officeflowers Young Tyler is here for the TikTok E-Boys and sad girls on Instagram. This bustling, lovesick album marks a mature move for Tyler without losing his trademark.

4. MAGDALENE of FKA Branches

After four years of silence, the FKA branches have reappeared with one of the most poignant and visceral works of the year. Inspired by the often misunderstood biblical character, MAGDALENE is extraordinary.

5. Thank you, next from Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande's latest release delivers airy pop hits that feature celebrity dramas, disconnections, and personal growth.

The worst: Teal album by Weezer

There were so many musical faux pas in 2019, but none was so shameful when four white middle-aged men decided to cover TLC's No Scrubs.

1st Old Town Street of Lil Nas X

A poignant exploration of the complexity of cowboy time that began as a TikTok meme became the undeniable anthem of 2019, bringing Lil Nas X to well-deserved fame.

2. Earfquake by Tyler, the creator

Heartache has never sounded better. ON Whoa Vicky Note has also never worked better.

3. So hot that you hurt my feelings by Caroline Polachek

From vocal saxophone effects to lyrics that sing life to longings, this single is so hot that it hurts all our feelings.

4. Cellophane by FKA Branches

The first single from FKA twigs' impressive album is a heartbreaking portrait of the tiredness of unrequited love.

5. Venice Bitch by Lana Del Rey

Lana's longest single brilliantly mixes soft rock, stunning vocals and nostalgia to create a lyrical narrative of summer romance.

Worst of all: Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello

There have never been two industrial plants with less chemistry than these two. Enough said.