The Mexican agenda in the Champions League

The top football competitions in Europe are just around the corner. It seems that it was yesterday when the champions raised the respective trophies, but the tournaments are about to return and the Mexicans will be present.

There are three Aztec players in the Champions League, the great absentee is Raúl Jiménez, since in the current campaign he could not achieve anything with the Wolves. Next, the agenda of Mexicans in Europe in the maximum competition:

Edson Álvarez and Ajax finished in first place in their respective tournament, the Dutch will have to play the previous phase of the group stage.

Ajax vs Liverpool – Wednesday, October 21

Atalanta vs Ajax – Tuesday, October 27

Ajax vs Midtjylland – Tuesday, November 3

Ajax vs Midtjylland – Wednesday, November 25

Liverpool vs Ajax – Tuesday, December 1

Ajax vs Atalanta – Wednesday, December 9

Héctor Herrera will also be one of the Mexicans present in the maximum competition, as he remained within the ‘mattress’ box after much speculation about his departure from the team.

Bayern Munich vs Atlético de Madrid – Wednesday, October 21

Atlético de Madrid vs Salzburg – Tuesday, October 27

Lokomotiv Moscow vs Atlético de Madrid – Tuesday, November 3

Atlético de Madrid vs Lokomotiv Moscow – Wednesday, November 25

Atlético de Madrid vs Bayern Munich – Tuesday, December 1

Salzburg vs Atlético de Madrid – Wednesday, December 9

The ” Tecatito ” Corona del Porto will be the last Mexican invited to the Champions League, after a great last season, where he was chosen as the best player on his team, Corona will contest for the title.

Manchester City vs Porto – Wednesday, October 21

Porto vs Olympiakos – Tuesday, October 27

Porto vs Olympique de Marseille – Tuesday, November 3

Olympique de Marseille vs Porto – Wednesday, November 25

Porto vs Manchester City – Tuesday, December 1

Olympiakos vs Porto – Wednesday, December 9


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