The millionaire that Radamel Falcao demanded from Galatasaray to leave Turkey

The first news of the difficult situation that Radamel Falcao is going through in Turkey has already begun to fall. The press of that country assumes that Galatasaray told Tigre and his agent that they are looking for a new team. The Colombian is not wanted in Istanbul anymore.

In the last hours, two informational portals of Turkey advanced new details of the situation of Radamel Falcao in Galatasaray. ‘Sporx’ assured that the Galatasaray directives spoke with Jorge Mendes, Falcao’s agent, and told him that the best thing is for the delnatero to look for a new team.

However, the portal ‘Ajansspor’ announced that there was already a response from Falcao. El Tigre would agree to leave, with the only condition that Galatasaray “I paid him 65% of the total money owed by the club to fulfill his contract until 2022”. This means that Radamel demands the payment of almost 5 million euros to terminate his employment relationship right now.

Of course, this strong stance by Falcao complicates Galatasaray’s plans. In Turkey they assure that the club wants to hasten the departure of the Tiger to save the millionaire payment of the salary that they are paying into the coffers of the Samarian ram.

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