the moment a truck runs over a woman on 9 de Julio Avenue

A truck ran over a woman this Wednesday in the middle of Avenida 9 de Julio, for which a large operation was deployed in the Buenos Aires Center and a helicopter of the SAME had to land on the road to transfer the victim to the Argerich hospital.

Police sources reported that the episode, which was recorded by the City’s security cameras, occurred at the height of Independencia Avenue, in the Monserrat neighborhood, when the vehicle tried to turn left from that avenue to take 9 de July and took the woman (65 years old) ahead, who was crossing the pedestrian path.

Immediately the City Police and traffic agents intervened, who cut a section of the avenue to allow the helicopter to descend and transfer the victim to the health center.

The patient’s health status has not yet been reported, while the driver of the Mercedes Benz 208 truck (27 years old) was brought to justice.

In the event, which occurred in the jurisdiction of the Neighborhood Police Station 1 C, the Urban Transport Security Division of the City Police intervened.

They ask for witnesses for Mateo Sosa

The parents of Mateo Sosa, the 9-year-old boy who was run over when he was going to school by a car that was traveling at full speed along Eva Perón Street at 4300, in Morón, demand justice and ask for the collaboration of witnesses who have witnessed the impact .

The driver of the Volkswagen Bora who ran over Mateo was identified as Nahuel Silva Correa, 23, who escaped while Mateo’s grandmother, who was leading her grandson by the hand on their way to school, yelled at him asking him not to leave the place .

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The case is classified as manslaughter, aggravated by having fled the scene. Initially, he had appeared at the Gervasio Pavón police station, where the prosecutor Sergio Dileo requested his arrest, but the Guarantee Judge, Gustavo Robles, rejected it and he was released.


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