The Mosquera Celtic Band presents “Terra” at the Espacio-Arte El Dorado (Toledo, Culture)

It is an exclusive concert, familiar and close to the public, which will be different from any of the others included in this tour. Each concert will have a different line-up, a different repertoire and will always be held in a charming place.

This time the Espacio-Arte El Dorado has been chosen and will host this concert next Friday, October 16 at 10 pm.

Those attending the concert will also be able to enjoy the exhibition «Original Version», by the painter Mario Vela, which has been on display in the room since last September, so that attendees, in addition to music, can enjoy art in its purest form.

The concert will have a price of 12 euros with a pre-assigned seat as the capacity is limited to 60 people. In addition, it will take place in a controlled environment, strictly complying with security measures and distancing from the public. If the ticket sales of the capacity were exceeded, an attempt would be made to open a new date so that no one is left without attending the concert.

It will be essential to send the place reservation with the names and ID of the attendees to the email

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