iPhone powerful

The truth is that Apple’s creative publicists have not killed themselves much when it comes to headlining the latest promotional video for the new iPhone 12. “The most powerful iPhone ever” something like: the most powerful iPhone ever. And they have been so comfortable.

Without a doubt, the new processor that the new iPhones mount is a brown beast manufactured by TSMC custom-made for Apple. With its ARM architecture, it is able to calculate 11 trillion operations per second. Undoubtedly the most powerful current processor that mounts a smartphone. So the title of the video is not a ghost.

Apple has launched a new announcement of the brand new iPhone 12 y iPhone 12 Pro. In it he reminds us (in case we did not already know) that thanks to its new A14 Bionic processor, it becomes the most powerful iPhone in history.

He explains the benefits of the new beast from Apple, the A14 Bionic chip, and in passing, also mention the new compatibility of the iPhone 12 with 5G networks.

The new iPhones are, in fact, the fastest and most powerful smartphones to come off a Foxconn production line, and Apple and its suppliers They are pleasantly satisfied with the work done this year, which is so difficult for everyone to achieve it.

We are already used to seeing long lines at Apple Stores around the world on the first day of a new iPhone. Next friday 23 It will not be less, although they can already be reserved on the Apple website, many will be those who go directly to pick them up at the Apple Store instead of waiting for it to be sent home.

But while that day arrives, we have no choice but to watch videos like the one we present today. We will have patience.