the mother of the boy rescued in the ditch asks for help

“Before the pandemic, my son had a little room in this house, but also with the rains everything leaked, and I told Alexander to come to sleep with me, he had a head surgery recently, and thank God that I told him that, because that night the walls of that little room fell down, “recalled Yoselie, 30.

“When they began to urbanize and build the new houses in the Olivares neighborhood, where we always live, they told us that they were going to give us a house. But one day, in a meeting, they told me that I was not part of that plan, because I had lived in La Rioja. I was born and have lived here for many years, I only lived a short time in La Rioja. Furthermore, they have given houses to Peruvians and Bolivians who have lived here for a year, and to us who have lived here all our lives, nothing ” Binimelis complained.

Regarding the support of social assistance, Yoselie said: “I have tired of asking the municipality (Capital) for help and they have only given us some nylon cuts and a mattress. My partner and I do not have a permanent job. He is a cardboard worker, and I do changas (manicures), but it is not enough for anything. The municipality gave me an aid of $ 5,000, and with that I bought Portland to build one piece, but I am missing all the rest, “said the mother of the family, who had to improvise outhouses with sticks, plastic and cans to live.

To conclude, the 30-year-old woman desperately asked for official help. “We need a house, with that we can defend ourselves and be calm, we can no longer keep four people crammed into a room in the house of my in-laws,” concluded Binimelis.

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