The mother speaks while anxiously waiting for the results of the coronavirus as the child’s daughter rushes to the hospital

A mom spoke after her son was rushed to hospital after being hit by a suspected coronavirus.

Hannah Payne expects to find out the results today after little Evelyn underwent a Covid-19 test.

The family’s nightmare began when the nineteen year old became desperately ill with fever earlier this week.

The tot was taken to the hospital for the fourth time on Wednesday, where he stayed overnight after his oxygen levels dropped dangerously low.

Now Hannah, of Congleton, Staffordshire, has shared the details of her terrifying experience as she waits to find out if Evelyn is one of the youngest people in the UK to be affected by the virus.

She said: “On Tuesday she was taken back to the hospital and sent home. At this point she had not yet been tested for coronavirus, so she was treated as possibly. However, she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and pneumonia.

“A district nurse was sent to us as a follow-up the next morning and we had to go back to the hospital because his oxygen levels were too low.

“She was detained overnight as she hadn’t shown any improvement all day and has now also been tested for coronavirus.

“We are waiting for the results today.

“He’s on oxygen now and I’ve been given the job of keeping the mask close to my mouth all night. It’s been a few grueling days.”

Little Evelyn is waiting for her diagnosis

In a previous post, Hannah had urged people in her hometown to take the disease seriously and stay indoors.

He added: “Please, everyone will stay home and stop spreading this.

“We are again waiting for an ambulance because my daughter is only getting worse.

“He is not over 70 years old, nor does he have any health condition but his little body is exhausted in an attempt to fight him.

“I heard that Astbury Mere was busier than he is in the middle of summer. There are children who go around the streets of our city in groups. Why are people so ridiculously stupid?

He has already spent one night in the hospital

“We are asked to stay in our homes and not have visitors – not even the family

“We have no idea who is carrying the coronavirus until the symptoms manifest themselves.

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Explanation of coronavirus government action

“Parents, tell your children to stop going out with their friends right now, and set an example.

“If you don’t stay at home, you could make people do it seriously and it’s not a joke. Or maybe you or your children will do it as badly as my daughter did and therefore you would have listened.

“The longer we ignore what we have been asked to do, the longer it will go on.”


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