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The sick photos of a mutilated body were sent by the barbaric assassins of a teenager whose remains were found stored in a sports bag in Dublin.

Keane Mulready-Woods fought for his life while he was shot to death by Narcos-style killers, according to Gardai police.

The seventeen-year-old was believed to have been stabbed to death before his body was cut and his fingertips removed in an attempt to prevent the police from obtaining DNA, a police source reported to the Irish Mirror.

Sick pictures of a corpse were also revealed to be circulating along with threats to gang bosses who said “fuck with us and you’ll lose your head”.

Gardai said on Thursday that a video circulating online was not that of the 17-year-old murder, but has not yet been able to verify the images.

Police say that a video in circulation is not from Keane Mulready-Woods

The online video and image reports of the horrendous murder of a feud in Drogheda, Co Louth are under review.

The clips were sent to Keane’s gang bosses to insult and intimidate them while Gardai said he caused great discomfort to the victim’s family.

But last night, Supt chief Christy Mangan said the footage wasn’t for the teenager and asked the audience not to share the images.

He added: “They are frightening people. This hinders investigations and false reports don’t help. “

The Irish Mirror has learned that while the video is not Keane’s, Gardai has not yet verified whether the images are of him.

Keane is said to have fought for his life

The seventeen-year-old's head was found on Wednesday
The seventeen-year-old’s head was found on Wednesday

A source said: “There are pictures of a bust and amputated legs, but there is no evidence to say that these are parts of Keane’s remains.

“First, the bust hasn’t been recovered yet.”

The teenager was stabbed and dismembered on Sunday evening.

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Her arms and legs were unloaded in a sports purse on the Moatview estate in Coolock, north of Dublin, Monday night.

The following evening, his head and hands were discovered in a burning car in Drumcondra. The bust is still missing.

Police are investigating the case

A senior source said: “This was nothing short of barbaric. A completely depraved act.

“Keane’s body parts were downloaded to Coolock as a message for their enemies. It’s like something from the Netflix Narcos show.”

Investigators are checking with Keane’s family and friends from the Drogheda Beech area in an attempt to trace his latest movements.


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