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44 years after the release of the first film, Star Wars is still indispensable. It’s burned into our collective memory and pop culture is full of allusions to the star saga. With “The Mystery of Power”, Christopher Ryan is now looking for the real roots of power. Sounds crazy? But it can be backed up scientifically – from a certain point of view, at least.

Science instead of fanfare

However, one should say that the work with the somewhat bulky subtitle “The scientific existence of Star Wars power and the hidden history of the Lucas Sequel trilogy” does not quite prepare the reader for what actually awaits him in the book – the The text on the back of the volume describes this much more accurately: The author gives the topics announced on the cover enough space to substantiate his theses (this is done in a scientific way with a lot of quotes and cross-references – expect more fans here – Boom, Ryan did his homework and really looked at all kinds of source material), but an equally large part of the scope is a thorough analysis of the Star Wars saga. In particular, the genesis of Episode IV is given a lot of space – and for good reason, because in its Genesis are the roots for many later developments and plots in the Star Wars universe. The other Lucas series parts are also analyzed (albeit less extensively), as is the structure of the entire saga. Here one must also state: Those who have already dealt extensively with Lucas’ work will have already heard a lot, but despite its size it is a thorough analysis that can be read compactly, which may also give some fresh views of the various episodes (including the prequels) allowed and maybe even told experts something new, at least in some points.

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Of course, it would also be sufficient for readers who are well versed in the Star Wars genesis to make the processing of the saga more concise, but all this is necessary preparatory work for the actual topic of the book according to the title: the analysis prepares the consideration of power (that this Thesis is presented in the middle of the genesis of Episode IV, may be irritating at first, but makes sense because the ideas there are still relevant for later considerations). The second exciting experiment in the book, a reconstruction of the sequel trilogy as it would have looked under Lucas (as is well known, he delivered a draft for it, but Disney didn’t want to use it), builds on the previous material and analyzes the Theory about power and various statements about the content of the Lucas version from VII to IX. The critical comparison with the Disney episodes and the direction they took should not be missing here.

That belongs in a university library!

Last but not least, a few words about the book itself: The work appears via Amazon Publishing, so it is a self-publication of the author. The fact that you are not necessarily dealing with a book that was published by a publisher can be seen in all sorts of little things, from the somewhat cheap cover with unspectacular cover artwork that doesn’t scream “Star Wars” at all, to the fact that even smaller improvements could have been made in the editing, the print quality of tables and graphics and the layout. This criticism of the outside should not diminish the content (here you really have to do with “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”), but if you expected a higher quality book at the higher price (approx. 25 euros), may be disappointed after all.


The Mystery of Power is an interesting book that, contrary to the title, is less about the background of the mystical energy field and more about the genesis and the ideas behind the world, the stories and protagonists of the Star Wars saga busy (even if you can’t divide it all up so easily because everything is intertwined). Far from many other fan books, the author proceeds scientifically and delivers a well-founded work that can also substantiate its sources well and draws up exciting theories. However, it must also be noted that the scientific approach is also reflected in the writing style – for some readers this book might be too dry. Those who are not put off by this, however, will find an interesting examination of the galaxy far, far away, which shows how much fiction can have real roots and is perhaps precisely why it is so culturally relevant.

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Verlag: Eigenverlag via Amazon Publishing
Author: Christopher Ryan
language : Deutsch
Paperback : 302 pages
Price: that. 25 Euro

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