The Nation / Ambassador of Turkey is awarded for the end of a diplomatic mission

Oscillating in the era of Donald Trump, relations between the United States and the United States and Turkey are already tense under the new government of Joe Biden, and the dispute between the two countries, which are nevertheless allies, could even escalate.

If the order in which the new American president contacts his peers is a mirror of the state of bilateral ties, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has to be concerned: more than three weeks after entering the White House, the call has not yet been reached. has produced.

Nor has the head of US diplomacy, Antony Blinken, contacted his counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu.

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The dialogue between Washington and Ankara certainly did not go through its best moments in the last four years, but Trump and Erdogan “had a warm personal relationship,” recalls researcher Steven Cook, of the think tank of the US Council on Foreign Relations.

A “friendship” that the Democrats have never stopped reproaching the Republican tycoon. Trump “protected Turkey from many possible punitive measures,” says researcher Galip Dalay in an article by the Brookings Institution think tank.

An example of this came at the end of his term, when he finally decided to sanction Turkey for the acquisition of Russian S-400 missiles, as required by US law, but after having resisted doing so for a long time. The penalties, moreover, were minimal.

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Antony Blinken convinced numerous Republican senators during the parliamentary hearing for his nomination as secretary of state by speaking of Turkey as a “supposed strategic partner” that “in many ways does not behave like an ally.”

Legislators of different stripes are calling for a tougher line towards Ankara. Fifty-four American senators of various persuasions wrote to President Biden this week urging him to criticize his counterpart’s human rights policy.

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For three weeks, the State Department has multiplied the warnings to the Turkish government, criticizing it for its verbal attacks against sexual minorities or the keeping in prison of the patron Osman Kavala for “unclear” reasons.

US diplomacy has repeatedly denied any “involvement” in the failed 2016 coup in Turkey, which unleashed an unprecedented wave of repression against civil society.

For Steven Cook, the harsher tone of the Biden administration “is welcome.” “Turkey is carrying out an offensive and the American silence on it was remarkable,” he said.

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“You don’t have to have too many expectations,” he said. “Turkey and the United States have different interests and do not share the same values.” Both countries “can work together on some issues, but there is nothing that really unites them.” The frictions are indeed numerous.

Source: AFP.


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