The Navantia works planned for Puente de Hierro remain deserted

Navantia’s second attempt to carry out the works to improve the road access to the San Fernando shipyards and the La Carraca Arsenal from the Iron Bridge has not been successful either. The intervention tendered last December with a budget of more than 3 million euros has finally been deserted after receiving a single offer to be carried out. The resolution is dated March 25, although until this week it has not been published on the public sector contracting platform.

Company sources indicate that the bidding process has been declared void because the only bid submitted did not meet the criteria and requirements established in the tender specifications. So now the performance will be put out to tender again.

The works that were planned aspired to solve the deficiencies caused by the only access that exists to Navantia San Fernando and the Arsenal de La Carraca through the Iron bridge, of a single shared lane for both directions of traffic. To do this, it was proposed to make use of the Adif service road that runs parallel to the said bridge – through which the train formerly circulated – in order to duplicate the accesses to the Arsenal and the Navantia factory and addressing the construction of a new bridge. The previous steps – which have included a public transfer of the land – go back more than two years in time.

It is an old problem that has been dragging on La Isla for decades and for which alternatives such as the road link with the CA-33 from Tres Caminos had already been proposed. Until now, however, nothing has been done to improve access and eliminate this bottleneck, which also causes large traffic delays at rush hour.

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The idea of ​​doubling the deck of the bridge using the Adif service road took shape thanks to the push of the corvettes program that are built for Saudi Arabia and the increase in activity that is registered in the island factory when having to face the largest contract in its history.

At first Navantia chose to divide the performance into two phases. And last August, it put out to tender the works corresponding to the first for 1.2 million euros. This process, however, ended in a withdrawal from the contract in mid-November when it was considered that the work, given its characteristics, could not be undertaken in two different phases but had to be approached in a comprehensive manner.

Just a few weeks later, the public company again put out to tender the action, this time without dividing it into phases and with a budget of 3,086,710 euros and a period of 15 months for the execution of the works. This second process, however, has been declared void, with which the execution of the works remains in the air again, especially considering that the third of the five corvettes that are built for Arabia and of that for next May the arrival of the first Saudi crews is expected to train in the handling of ships.

A little over a week ago, the UGT Navantia union section criticized the delay accumulated by the action to improve road access to the shipyards from Puente de Hierro “despite the fact that the corvettes program was being worked at maximum performance”. “We continue with long caravans to enter and leave the shipyard at peak hours. And from UGT Navantia we continue to demand another access to our factory, the nerve center of work in the city and the engine of employment in the Bay,” stated the union group.

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