The new Buckingham Palace coffee kiosk

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The architecture studio Mizzi Studio has conceived a coffee kiosk next to Buckingham Palace as part of a project that aims to improve the public sphere in the royal parks of London. The facility, known as Horseshoe Bend Kiosk, constitutes the last step of the initiative that emerged during the summer of 2017.

On a commission for the brand Colicci, the architecture firm based in London has worked on the designs of a number of coffee kiosks that sought to replace old food kiosks, among which the mythical Serpentine Coffee House and nine other structures located in green spaces such as Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park.

Each kiosk in the project has been designed to blend in with the surroundings, in addition to materializing an elegant curvilinear structure. “The concept behind the kiosks is firmly linked to the spirit of the parks themselves. We wanted to create a series of structures that not only offered great food and drink, but also functioned as bold landmarks and sculptural beacons“, says Jonathan Mizzi, the creator of Mizzi Studio, in an interview via email to

For their part, the eight initial kiosks of the project have been hand coated and developed in collaboration with the British designer and manufacturer Tom raffield, trying to champion the relationship between quality design and the fine ingredients and products offered by the Colicci brand.


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