The new one ERA BREXIT and its effects have not been long in coming. Large brands such as Coca-Cola or Berkeley will leave the United Kingdom and will locate in the Netherlands and Spain after the Anglo-Saxon country leaves the European Union. Another consequence is goodbye to the Erasmus mobility program. Therefore, if a Spanish student wishes to pursue their university studies in the United Kingdom, they must apply for a visa and for this they will need a sworn translation into English of the documentation required by the UK authorities (eg birth certificates, criminal records, academic records, degrees, etc.).

As we can see, the departure of the United Kingdom from Europe implies a direct connection with the translation sector, so there will probably be an increase in sworn translations in these language combinations due to possible changes in business relationships. For this reason we can clearly state that sworn translation will continue to be essential in this new IT WAS BREXIT. They will be necessary to facilitate procedures and mobility between the United Kingdom and Spain.

What role do sworn translators play at this time?

It seems that now the bureaucracy will be one of the strong points. There will be a considerable increase in all bureaucratic procedures. From now on, any movement must be registered administratively and officially. The sworn translators will have to carry out the usual translations, many new ones that now appear in the new IT WAS BREXIT.

What type of documents could be the most demanded and susceptible for sworn translation?

As we stated previously, above all they will be documents of a personal nature. Since sworn translation from birth certificates and passports or identity documents to criminal records and income statements.

What new documents could appear in the ERA BREXIT to an official translation?

We could venture to intuit the type of document that can enter the scene. Most likely, documents such as a visa to facilitate mobility for educational purposes. Also for business actions between the United Kingdom and the other member countries of the European Union, including Spain, they are sued more frequently.

Some say that English could disappear as one of the working languages ​​of the European Union as a result of THE BREXIT ERA so there would be a vacancy that the Spanish could fill. However, experts point out that English will continue to have great relevance as it has been until now and will remain as the official language.

The relationship between Spain and the United Kingdom It seems to have been reinforced in recent days following the agreements between the two countries regarding Gibraltar. The inclusion of the British colony in space Schengen and the possible military cooperation agreement will require, in the same way as in particular cases, a official translation or sworn of all the legislation related to it.

How the current situation will evolve throughout 2021 is still a mystery to be resolved. What we can be sure of is that this situation will affect different aspects of our lives, whether we are British or not.

In CBLingua we are sworn translators, in all languages ​​and documents. If you find yourself in this situation and need help with the sworn translation of the documentation and advice for the management, do not hesitate to contact us.

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