The Nintendo Switch has overtaken the PlayStation 4 in China


By: Sebastian Guadalupe (MS) | 12-01-21

Thanks to probable gray market sales, Nintendo Switch is positioned above the PS4 in the Chinese market

The industrialization and expansion of the middle class in China has led to a new market for video games and entertainment in general. And since it is a market with more than a billion people, the largest companies in the world are doing everything possible to establish themselves in this country. In this way, the eighth generation was historical to be told by the first arrival of the great consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Then, the Nintendo Switch arrived and this console has already become the most successful of the three.

Niko Partners has estimated that the Nintendo Switch has sold 4 million units in China. Of these, one million would be through official channels and three million would have been made thanks to the gray market. Compared to this, the Xbox One sold 1.24 million and the PlayStation 4 sold 3.52 million. What is fascinating about these results is that the Switch arrived in China in December 2019, while the other two were launched in 2014. In just one year, Nintendo surpassed all of its competition to become the Chinese console leader.

Mind you, don’t let these figures fool you. Consoles are a niche in China, as markets such as PCs and smartphones are vastly larger. That’s why a company like Blizzard had no problem sacrificing its international reputation just to maintain its stability in the Chinese market. Several of Nintendo’s biggest games (like Zelda and Animal Crossing) have yet to be approved by the Chinese government.

Nintendo Switch

The success of the Nintendo Switch has exceeded expectations around the world and that has led to results like this.

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