Enthusiasts of the 1940s will be descending for the event Railway in Wartime on Yorkshire's largest heritage line this October.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway commemorates World War II at four of its stations during the 1940s weekend, in which hundreds of military performers and visitors attend historical costumes.

Many visitors wear the costume of the 1940s

Many visitors wear the costume of the 1940s

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The family-friendly event, which takes place from 11 to 13 October, includes activities for all ages.

There will be live music, a replica of a ration-time British restaurant and re-enactments along the line.

There's a new D-Day exhibit at Pickering Station, while kids at Levisham Station can see an interactive show telling the story of a young East Yorkshire evacuee.

Levisham Station

Levisham Station

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Grosmont Rail Station offers historic rides, military vehicles, a vintage candy store and children's games organized by Eden Camp.

Steam services will be offered as usual from Pickering to Grosmont, and passengers will be able to buy hop-on and hop-off tickets.

The carriage from the 1930s is used again in the NYMR two years after the destruction

Pickering Station

– War Street

– The siding

– Visual display of the first 24 hours on the beaches of D-Day

Goathland station

– Demonstrations of the Heimwehr

Levisham Station

– Lively story is displayed

– Interactive show that tells the story of a schoolgirl from Hull brought into the East Yorkshire countryside

Grosmont station

– Eden Camp takeover. Rides, military vehicles, vintage sweets and children's games