The Office surpassed The Mandalorian and was the most watched in 2020

Steve Carell en The Office – Foto: NBC

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the cinema very hard, forcing large studios and producers to postpone large-scale premieres. The television industry had to travel a similar path, although it is also true that, with viruses around and everything, lovers of the small screen were able to enjoy many new titles, in addition to reviving older ones.

With two weeks elapsed from 2021, Nielsen Holdings PLC, the market measurement, data and information company, shared different top 10 of the most viewed strips and films in the United States during the past year on the main subscription video platforms, showing interesting results.

In the category of acquired series, The Office It ranked first with 57.127 million minutes of playback, a number with which it surpassed by almost 18 billion Grey’s Anatomy (39,405) which was ranked second. Criminal Minds closed the podium with 35,414 million minutes.

NCIS (28.134), Schitt’s Creek (23.785), Supernatural (20.336), Shameless (18.218), New Girl (14.545), The Blacklist (14,480) and Vampire Diaries (14,091) completed the ranking entirely composed of productions that at least until last year could be seen through Netflix on US soil.

On the other hand, Ozark, from the Los Gatos, Californa company, was the most streamed original series, with 30.462 million minutes. They followed Lucifer, with 18,975 million minutes, and The Crown, with 16,275, both also productions of the Red N company.

The most watched series and movies in the United States during 2020

Tiger King (15.611), The Mandalorian (14.519), The Umbrella Academy (13.470), The Great British Baking Show (13.279), Boss Baby: Back in Business (12.625), Longmire (11,382) and You (10,965) were made with positions on the list. It should be noted that all these titles are from Netflix, except the spin-off of Star Wars, which belongs to Disney +.

Finally, when it comes to films, Nielsen revealed that the film that Americans watched the most on streaming was Frozen II (14,924), followed by Moana (10.507), The Secret life of Pets 2 (9.123), Onward (8.367), Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (6.180), Hamilton (6.132), Spenser Confidential (5, .374), the live-action version of Aladdin (5.172), Toy Story 4 (4,416) and Zootopia (4,400), thus closing a top ten in which the mouse company managed to prevail.

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