The oldest soccer classics in the world

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and one of its most important elements is rivalry. Any country that loves football keeps on its calendar the date of the clashes of the most important teams, with the most loyal fans, with more trophies or with greater seniority.

Although there are currently classics that have become more media, there are others that stand out for their antiquity.

In Mexico, the duel between Chivas and América paralyzes the entire Liga MX without the need to be a fan of either of these two teams, however, the Classic Oldest in the world falls into the hands of Guadalajara and Atlas.

At Acción LSR we remember the Classics with more longevity in soccer.

Chivas vs Atlas

He classic oldest of Mexican soccer. The historic feud between the two teams arose with the founding of the Atlas in August 1916, ten years after Chivas was born. The new team in the same city was not to the liking of the Sacred Herd, initiating a rivalry in the city.

This grew in the first years to represent a “class struggle”. While the rojiblancos represented the working middle class, the rojinegros were followed by the upper class.

Gomez tube

The historic Chivas goalkeeper is the protagonist of one of the most iconic photos that exists in Mexican football and in the rivalry between the rojiblancos and Atlas.

He classic Oldest of Aztec football has many memorable chapters, but one of the most remembered was the one that happened on April 24, 1955.

Chivas and Atlas played the Western Cup at the Martínez Sandoval Stadium in Guadalajara, in a very uneven match. The Herd crushed the Foxes from the start. Just at minute 16 the score was already in favor of Chivas 4-0 and it was a broad dominator of the actions.

For this reason, the goalkeeper of the rojiblancos had no arrivals at the goal he was protecting. Not being required, the emblematic goalkeeper Jaime “El Tubo” Gómez, almost at the end of the first half, decided to ask someone from the rostrum to throw him the story of ´Memín Pinguí´, and sat down to read it leaning on the post. one of the goals.

This provoked the fury of the players and the fans of Atlas, while the followers of the Rebaño continue to applaud what was done by “El Tubo”.

Curse of the Atlas?

The rojinegros only have one league title, which they won in the 50-51 season, and it was against Chivas, who won the decisive game to be crowned.

Many have accused that it was a biased meeting, since they marked a dubious penalty in favor of Atlas.

According to Futbol Total, the legend says that the Rebaño goalkeeper, Jaime “El Tubo” Gómez, was so upset that he sent a curse to the rival: “Celebrate that you are not going to be champions again for 50 years. What’s more, ants They don’t get crowned after I die. “

Gomez passed away in 2008 and to this day, Atlas is still not a champion.

Celtic vs Rangers

In the UK, Manchester United is often cited against Liverpool when talking about the derby, a match between two of the most successful teams. Others cite the confrontation between Arsenal and Chelsea, a meeting that in the last two decades has undoubtedly gained prominence.

However, if it is a question of mentioning a confrontation that in the United Kingdom goes back in time and is especially divisive, it will be necessary to leave England to turn to Scotland, specifically to the city of Glasgow, where Celtic and Rangers star in one of the meetings with an ancient rivalry.

Glasgow Rangers were the first of both teams to be founded. It was in the year 1872 and his name was borrowed from a rugby club. For its part, Celtic had to wait a decade and a half more, since it is considered that 1887 was its founding date, although its first official match was until 1888.

Celtic was born as a team with a political background. His followers were generally Catholic, of socialist positions, almost always of Irish descent. While The Rangers adopted Protestant, conservative fans, becoming an antithesis.

The rivalry goes beyond a football stadium. Religion (Catholics vs. Protestants), politics (Jacobites vs. Royalists), economics (rich and poor), and an ancient tradition.

This rivalry divided the city of Glasgow from the start.

The Old Firm

Due to the importance of both teams, the confrontation did not take long to become the authentic classic Scotland From the beginning of the century the meeting became known as “The Old Firm” after a cup match.

At a time when extra time and penalties had not yet been implemented, those matches that ended in a draw were resolved with a new match. Due to the tie between the two in a Cup final in 1909, the match had to be repeated days later.

The respectful attitude of the players, added to the draws, caused the fans of both teams to invade the Hampden Park field, outraged by the supposed fix to continue generating box office.

The match was suspended and the Cup was deserted that year. Hatred of the enemy is instilled from generation to generation and divides a city in two to shape one of the oldest and most passionate rivalries in the world.

“There are people who insist that other football rivalries can generate as much intensity as the games between Rangers and Celtic … believe me there is nothing comparable,” said Sir Alex Ferguson.

Argentina vs Uruguay

A rivalry of more than a century nurtures the legend of classic oldest of South American soccer, the one that stars the selections of Argentina and Uruguay.

“Gauchos” and “Charrúas” began their rivalry in international soccer, officially facing each other on July 20, 1902 in Montevideo, in what was also the first meeting in the history of both national soccer teams.

That clash ended with a win by Argentina that won 6-0 in a friendly match.

In the first two decades of the 20th century, Argentina and Uruguay built the Río de la Plata with more than 60 games played, a series that included 20 consecutive games.

In 1928, in Amsterdam, the two South American powers faced each other in the Olympic Games in an unforgettable final that favored the Uruguayans who won 2-1 and won the gold medal.

Nacional vs Peñarol

Peñarol and Nacional fight for the hearts of Uruguayans since the arrival of football in America and star in the classic oldest on the continent.

It is no longer the confrontation between the team of British immigrants that gave rise to Peñarol and the Creole response that created the National, but neither Montevideo nor Uruguay understand each other without this duel.

The rivalry is such that it even compromises the initial statement that Classic as the oldest in America, since on July 15, 1900, the date of the first confrontation, the team that Nacional was measured was not called Peñarol, but Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club.

FIFA, in an article published on its website in 2009, referred to the Uruguayan contest as “the oldest known outside of the British Isles.”


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