the other princesses who wore heels before Eleanor

On Friday, however, in the audience to the winners at the La Reconquista hotel, things began to change with a princess with type heels kitten for her patterned dress and ruffle trim Poet.

In the afternoon, ready for the awards ceremony that bear her name, she opted for shoes with a thin heel and significantly higher. Four shoes, all high heels, indicating that the princess, as she herself said in her speech on Friday during the award ceremony, he is already 15 years old, or is about to meet them on October 31.

At her age, it is not exceptional to wear heels. Not even for a princess or heir to a throne, as is the case with Eleanor as well as Princess Amalia of the Netherlands or Elisabeth of Belgium. A list headed by them, because they are princesses who will one day be queens, are followed by other princesses who at almost 15 of Leonor, or surroundings, also wore their first heels, and some royal who wore them a few years before.

Elisabeth from Belgium

Elisabeth from Belgium was 15 years old (she had a few months to go to 16) when the kings to accompany her parents Felipe Y Matilde on her country’s National Day in July 2017 she debuted her first heels. They were quite similar to the ones that Leonor wore for the awards on Friday. A year later, in the same celebration, she confirmed her experience to walk resolutely on high red heeled sandals to accompany a nice black dress midi with embroidered flowers in different colors of Maje.

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