The other storm in Houston

The Texans fans have reacted with complaints and at the same time with the worrying understanding that bad decisions have become customary.

As everyone knows, the state of Texas was seriously hit by a wave of polar cold affecting millions of users who were left without electricity, water and where to get food. And while in recent days he was reviewing news about how Houston, one of the cities most impacted by this natural phenomenon, found a way to reorganize and recover, he remembered how J.J. Watt Just a few years ago, he became a legend for his charitable efforts raising more than $ 37 million in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, in addition to recently supporting small businesses that suffered from the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic.

His influence could be seen not only off but on the pitch for ten seasons, three times he was voted the best defensive player in the league, five times All Pro, and it is not common to see a player of such a position become the face of the franchise. And it is that, while in these last two weeks images of a Houston were seen under the snow, it was also announced that the relationship between the defensive end and the Texans, to the point of letting him go free and allowing the player himself to announce the end of his cycle in the team.

The Houston Texans fans have reacted with complaints and at the same time with the worrying understanding that bad decisions have become a habit., because everything starts far back in the timeline, from the change of Jadeveon Clowney, the first global selection of 2014, at Seattle Seahawks, shed two first-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 draft with Miami, and yet another second-round pick for 2021 in highly questionable trades, and of course, one of his worst sins of recent years, shedding DeAndre Hopkins, one of the best receivers in the league, all these points as remnants of a terrible management called Bill O’Brien, who for six years was given the power to make and break without accountability, serving as head coach and at the same time being his own boss as general manager of the team, crazy.

With that accumulation of failures, plus a four-loss start, they thanked O’Brien, but the damage was done and it went deeper than he imagined.

Houston filled the GM gap with Nick Caserio and Nick Caserio in turn decided on David Culley as his new Head Coach, hailing from the Baltimore Ravens. In exchange for more rounds of Draft that although they are compensatory of the third round, he continued to mortgage the possibility of a reconstruction, considering all the others that they have already exchanged in the past, but above all, generating the displeasure of his great passer Deshaun Watson, one of the best quarterbacks of today and in full youth, who has requested his departure from the team, and with good reason, he does not see head or tail to the project, and if he stayed he would be burying fruitful years, in addition to knowing that there are a good number of teams in need of quarterbacks.

Wherever you see it, Houston is a powder keg, added to the issue of the salary cap and the number of free agents, there is not even a better outlook, so Justin James Watt deserved to leave, money already made enough for a decade in the NFL, now look for the equipment that is a potential choice of Super Bowl, and wherever he goes he will carry that media impact and leadership that have always characterized him and that transcended beyond Houston, conquering the entire league.

Interest in its services has aroused in almost half of the franchises, but emotional destinations could lead to Pittsburgh Steelers where his two brothers play, or Green Bay Packers that would be another way to come home from Wisconsin.

Just the day that J.J. Watt said goodbye to TexansThe BBC newspaper read that in Houston, the state that produces the most energy in the US, millions of people were left without electricity … it is understood that the equipment was also going out of power.


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