Brackenfield School, based in Harrogate, could see her Christmas piece taken from the school's lobby by millions of TV screens across the UK after being named finalist of Virgin Media's Christmas Stars contest.

This is the second time that the school is selected for the contest. In 2018, the school was named regional semifinalist and won £ 100. The school is now hoping to win the first prize in the 2019 competition: having the chance to see his piece filmed and televised professionally to four million Virgin TV customers in the days leading up to Christmas.

As part of this award, the winners will work with television presenter Stephen Mulhern, who will join the cast of the school as narrator for a unique performance.

The school has entered a Christmas room called A Royal Christmas.

The production tells the Christmas story of the Queen and Prince Philip, including a trip to Selfridges to get gifts for their great-grandchildren, an evening hosted by singers in Sandringham, an adornment with Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Royals are also treated to a pantomime and observe the Brackenfield School nursery before going to bed. The play ends with the Queen's speech on Christmas afternoon.

In his article, Brackenfield said he deserved to win because: "The script was carefully written to allow each child to have the same amount of time on stage, as well as the opportunity to sing, dance and play instruments throughout the show.

"Our shows always incorporate the true Christmas story, carefully mingled with another festive tale. In addition, our plays always include at least one original song written by our staff.

"This year, we are thrilled to play" A Royal Christmas "with the Royal Family, dancing corgis, kazoos, pantomime and more. Please come. "

In addition to selecting his TV Christmas piece on Virgin TV, Brackenfield is also sure to win an award.

Winners of the contest will unwrap £ 5,000 and experience unforgettable experiences with Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit program at the West End School of Rock the Musical.

A class from the school will be invited to the Gillian Lynne Theater of the show in London for an electric and heartbreaking performance masterclass.

Then the children will receive tickets to watch the show and see the talented actors in action.

For the Christmas spirit to continue, School of Rock the Musical will generously donate 10 ukuleles to the winning school so they can make their way through to 2020.

And as it will be the season of good will, there are many other prizes. The second school will win £ 1,000 plus 15 ukuleles, while 22 regional finalists will win £ 100 and 2 ukuleles each.

David Bouchier, director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media, said: "Congratulations to Brackenfield of Harrogate for his nomination as a finalist in our magical Christmas Stars contest.

"His production contains the perfect ingredients for a festive game that will please millions of Virgin TV customers this Christmas.

"Stay tuned to find out who will be our winner. Good luck to everyone in Brackenfield! "

A jury composed of Stephen Mulhern and representatives of Virgin Media and School of the Rock will chair the shortlist and select the winner, the finalist and the 22 regional finalists.

Virgin Media will then film the school's production and make it available to millions of Virgin TV customers on demand this Christmas.