The work on milling and paving overnight, which began earlier this week in the area of ​​North Main Street and Constance Road, will take until the 25th of August, according to city officials.

A contractor must alternate on either side of North Main Street between Constance Road and the Entrance of the Lowe, on Constance Road between North Main Street and Church Street, and on Constance Road between North Main Street and the Hilton Entrance lock Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront.

The spokeswoman for the city, Diana Klink, said that a road condition assessment completed in 2016 revealed that the road surface in the area was experiencing moderate to severe deterioration, such as:

She said the city's public works department conducted a field assessment of the area in 2018 and noted an additional deterioration, making a mill and overlay project necessary there.

The last time the area underwent surface renovation was prior to 2006, when the city took responsibility for maintaining the roads of the Virginia Department of Transportation, Klink said.

Since 2006, several supply and development projects have been carried out in this area and these projects have completed small quantities of paving stones along the roads in East and West Constance.

In April 2014, the Main Street had reappeared south of the intersection with Constance Road.

Milling and paving started on Sunday and continues every evening from 8pm. until 5 am, and work is expected to be completed by 25th August.