Hollow Knight

Fans of Hollow Knight were incredibly excited when a physical release of the game was announced a few months ago. Skybound Games should act as a partner for the physical release of the indie favorite. However, these plans have now been canceled. The physical release was discontinued due to the termination of the partnership between developer Team Cherry and Skybound Games.

From Dual stool Report:

Both developer Teem Cherry and distribution partner Skybound Games have recently announced this information instead of terminating their partnership. Skybound did so on Twitter, saying that while they "absolutely love the game and wish the team continued success," they no longer work with Team Cherry on the multi-platform (and physical) releases of Hollow Knight,

The team Cherry confirmed this on Twitter, but also dealt with more details on their website. From the point of view of the three-member team, managing a widespread retail version for Hollow Knight "Proved to be more work than we could reasonably do," even with the help of Skybound Games. For this reason, plans for a widespread physical are planned Hollow Knight The launch ended with Team Cherry's Skybound Games partnership.

Nevertheless, there is still some hope for a physical release. Team Cherry is currently looking for other ways to deliver physical versions of Hollow Knight"Although what the developers will ultimately produce will be available in much smaller quantities than this physical release from Skybound Games.

The news of a minor physical release is somewhat comforting, but the limited release is likely to be a hot ticket. So you could be better served with the pickup Hollow Knight digital on the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC.

(Last update November 10, 2018 2:07 pm )

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