The playwright Sergio Blanco won an independent theater award in London | the daily

The Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco shared the award for the best new play with the American Athena Stevens in the latest edition of the Offie Awards, which recognize work on the alternative theater circuit in London.

“It is an immense honor for me to receive this important distinction and I want to dedicate it to the director Daniel Goldman, the actor Sam Crane and all colleagues in the theater, who are going through a very difficult time,” said Blanco when receiving the award on Sunday in the main stage of the Battersea Arts Center, according to the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The awarded piece, Narcissus’s wrath, was released in Montevideo in 2015 with the direction of Blanco and a performance by Gabriel Calderón. After its staging in Buenos Aires in 2018, it was staged last year at the Pleasance Theater in the British capital, with direction and translation by Goldman and interpretation by Crane.

In the play, Blanco puts into play the Greek myth of the man who falls in love with his own image, a dose of police intrigue, questions about the traditional idea of ​​authorship of a work (what is known as “death of the author”) and , as usual in his texts, his own biography.

The Offie Awards (for Off West End, that is to say, outside the commercial circuit) reached their tenth edition this year and award a score of categories.

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