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The Astzeneca vaccine, created by England scientists working at the University of Oxford, is facing a defining moment in its short history today. It is expected that the European Medicines Agency – the Food and Drug Authority of the European Union, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – will announce its findings regarding the existence of a link between the English vaccine and rare stroke that occur in some of those who are vaccinated with it. This comes a day after the University of Oxford announced that it had decided to stop clinical trials that it had started to know the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine on children, until the British Medicines Agency resolved the controversy over its relationship to the aforementioned stroke. The prestigious university stressed that its decision is purely precautionary, and that no side complications occurred to the children who were recruited for its aforementioned clinical trials. The university had recruited about 200 children between the ages of 5 and 17 for these experiments. To make matters worse for the English vaccine, the head of the vaccines unit at the European Medicines Agency, Professor Marco Cavalieri, announced yesterday that there is a clear link between the mentioned vaccine and brain clots that occurred in young people after they were vaccinated with it. However, Cavalieri acknowledged that the European Medicines Agency is really confused and does not know a direct cause of these clots due to the vaccine. He pointed out that the European report today (Thursday) will refer to a “possible link” between AstraZeneca-Oxford and stroke. Cavalieri told the Italian newspaper “Maseru” yesterday that the report will indicate the “possible link”, and he will also mention that the reasons for that link are not clear! Yesterday, a member of the British government vaccination committee, Dr. Maggie Weirmouth, demanded that people under the age of 50 stop vaccinating people under the age of 50 with AstraZeneca, pending the release of the British Medicines Agency report. British Prime Minister Bruce Johnson, who visited the day before yesterday the AstraZeneca vaccine factory in Cheshire, insisted that the people continue vaccinating as usual. British scientists say that stroke is very rare, and has occurred so far to about 30 vaccines out of more than 18 million who have undergone the same vaccine in Britain. And they added that the estimates of the American Centers for Disease Control and Control indicate that this stroke occurs to about 5 out of every million people in the United States. No more than 330 people are infected with it annually in Britain.

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British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced yesterday that Britain has started spreading the American Moderna vaccine in vaccination centers from Wednesday, to strengthen its campaign to vaccinate the country’s population against the Covid-19 epidemic. Hancock said Britain has bought 17 million doses of Moderna, sufficient to vaccinate 8.5 million Britons. The scientists of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Control at Emory University published a study in the New England Journal of Medicine yesterday, in which they confirmed that the antibodies generated by the Moderna vaccine remain in the recipient’s body for at least six months, after receiving the second dose. And in New Delhi, the CEO of the Indian Serology Institute (the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world) Adar Poonawala told the Associated Press that his plant will be able to start exporting COVID-19 vaccines by next June, if the rate of new infections in India drops. He warned that the factory that manufactures the English AstraZeneca vaccine is obligated to meet the needs of India before exporting any quantities abroad.

Moderna in Britain … after confirming its effectiveness


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