The POCO X3 NFC is one of Xiaomi’s great successes in 2020: it is reduced to only € 219 with 128GB on Amazon | Technology

POCO has risen in 2020, and it has done so once again by selling mobile phones that offer benefits above their price, such as the POCO X3.

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Among the many mobile phones that Xiaomi has put on sale in 2020, two stand out that do not come with their brand, but with an old acquaintance: POCO, which returns to the market in style with two terminals.

One of them, the POCO X3 NFC, has captivated for obvious reasons, and that is that it is very cheap for the benefits it offers and that we were able to test in its analysis. How cheap? Normally it costs € 229, although now Amazon has it reduced to only € 219 with 128GB capacity.

This mobile has an ultra-competitive price, although it has a processor like the Snapdragon 732G and fast charging at 33W, one of its main features.

As its name suggests, this mobile corrects one of the main shortcomings of the family thanks to the NFC, which the PocoPhone F1 did not have and which was greatly missed.

In addition, it incorporates several improvements that make for the 199 euros that it costs right now there are few better phones, such as fast charging and the screen with 120 Hz refresh, which make it work much more fluid.

Beyond some of these outstanding features, which we could qualify as premium, this is a perfect phone if you want speed on a day-to-day basis and a good battery.

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There are different ways to check which are the most powerful mobiles. AnTuTu analysis is normally used as a reference and in this report we have selected the Xiaomi devices with the highest scores.

You can easily reach two days of autonomy, which is quite a lot even at this point in 2020, but it is also that with the 33W of power it charges in an hour or less, a real luxury.

Finally, something important, and that is that the edition that is lowered in Amazon is the one with 64GB of capacity: you can expand this capacity with a microSD card, so it is not something that you should worry at all.

As it is shipped by Amazon and costs more than € 29, shipping is totally free to any part of Spain, although if you are in a certain hurry you would do well to sign up for Prime’s free trial month to speed up the delivery somewhat.

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