The Police dismantles an ISIS cell in Barcelona with a returnee who wanted to attack | Spain

Marwan, a 28-year-old Algerian, got on a dinghy on December 24 and reached the Almeria coast with a 22-year-old compatriot. Before, he had traveled a much longer journey, since he went to fight with the Islamic State in Syria in 2016. He was there for two years and in 2018 he returned crossing Turkey. “The Turks put him on the first plane and sent him to Dakar (Senegal),” say police sources. On his way through Senegal, he joined the Al Qaeda groups of the Islamic Maghreb. And when he managed to reach Algeria, he was part of another kind of ISIS franchise there, Jund Al Khilafah.

The Algerian was detained by agents of the General Information Commission of the National Police early Saturday in Barcelona, ​​along with two other compatriots, the one who accompanied him in the boat and another resident in the Catalan capital who gave them shelter. “His objective was to attack individually, emulating the terrorist who acted in Vienna last November killing four people, and his destination was France, where he wanted to meet with” his brothers, “say the same sources.

This Monday, the judge of court number 6 of the National High Court sent them all to provisional prison for belonging to a terrorist organization. This is the second returnee found by the information services of the National Police in less than a year. In April 2020, Abdel Bari, one of Europe’s most wanted combatants, was arrested in Almería, along with two of his companions. They also entered using clandestine immigration networks through the same Spanish province.

Marwan, and the other two Algerians, were detained in an occupied flat in Barceloneta that had been made available by the Algerian citizen who already resided in Barcelona with a record of drug trafficking and robberies. The operation, which has been carried out with the support of the FBI, the CNI and Europol, in addition to the Barcelona Provincial Information Brigade, has been carried out after a very rapid investigation in the middle of Christmas, which allowed the agents to locate the main investigated at the few days after entering Spain (January 31), and thanks also to the information from the Algerian secret services.

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