The Port of Tarragona starts a new regular commercial route with Turkey

The President of the Port of Tarragona, Josep M Cruset, and the president of the logistics company EKOL Logistics, Ahmet Mosul, have presented a new commercial Ro-Ro route with the port of Izmir (Turkey) in Shelf 1 of Moll de Costa. This new weekly service will have the capacity to move around 210 transport units (UTIs) of ro-ro cargo, including both trucks and semi-trailers as well as the possibility of loading containers, heavy machinery or special loads.

This new service will allow products manufactured in Turkey They can be delivered in different parts of the State, and vice versa after 96 hours.

The new regular line will represent an important leap for the Port of Tarragona, since in the first place will reduce the journey to 60 hours it will become a very competitive port for rapidly placing cargoes from one end of the Mediterranean to the other.

In addition, because as its president Josep Maria Cruset highlighted, the route will benefit the strategy of traffic diversification promoted by the Tarragona port authority and represents an important improvement in general cargo traffic, one of the pending issues of the Port.

The new line will represent a promotion of intermodality and investments being carried out by the Tarragona enclave in the construction of the new Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) and the Guadalajara Intermodal Terminal.

Finally, the new regular line will have a positive impact in terms of sustainability. According to estimates by the Tarragona port, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 10,800 tons and diesel consumption by 7.32 million liters per year.

The route has started its operations with an imported cargo made up of about 150 trucks for the transport of goods for the textile multinational Inditex, which will be one of its main clients. The operation begins with the ship’s departure from Turkey on Sundays and its arrival in Tarragona on Tuesday nights, enabling the trucks to reach the Galician group’s logistics facilities in the interior of the Peninsula, including the Europa Platform in Zaragoza, on Wednesday first thing in the morning, from where the goods are distributed globally on the same Wednesday or Thursday.

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