The Premier League sees possible that there will be public this season

The Premier League does not throw in the towel on the possibility of football returning this season despite the security measures that are in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the moment, everything is at the expense of knowing what explains Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, on how to get out of the blockade starting Monday in a cautious but irreversible plan of stages.

“I’m sure the fans will come back next season. No one can tell because this pandemic has a way of surprising you like it did at Christmas, but we haven’t lost hope of seeing some fans back this year., depending on what happens and government decisions, “said Richard Masters, CEO of the Premier League, who already had a brief period in which fans were able to return to the stadiums in certain areas.

“We are getting used to watching football live on television without fans in the stadiums, and I don’t want to get used to it for much longer. I hope we see the end of that and the return of the fans as soon as possible, “he insisted. Richard, who added that “I hope that next season the stadiums will open quickly and we can work with the government and the rest of the sport so that the fans return to the stadiums in real numbers and thus the true Premier League returns.”

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