The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is now ready and complete to go to the electoral contest, having Christian Castro Bello at the forefront of the battle as its candidate for governor of the state, leading the other candidates for mayors, local councils and municipal boards.

Last weekend, the State Commission for Internal Processes of the PRI, chaired by Eleazar Cámara Rivero, issued the declaration of validity of the 13 municipal assemblies that supported the candidate for the governorship, Christian Castro Bello, making him the candidate of the tricolor and of the alliance ‘Va x Campeche’ for the government of Campeche.

Similarly, the Commission for the Nomination of Candidacies issued the opinion of origin for the 30 candidates that correspond to the tricolor within the coalition with the PAN and the PRD, which are 13 of the 21 local councils, 6 of the 13 City councils, and 11 of the 22 municipal boards.

The candidates will be, for local deputies, Diana Mena Lezama for District 04, Adriana Ortiz Lanz for District 05; Karla Toledo Zamora in 06, seeking reelection; Ramón Santini Cobos for district 07.

Enrique Iván González López will be a candidate for district 10; Nereyda Re Ganem for District 11; while Domitila Rico Camacho will do the same for district 12. The former mayor of Escárcega, Fernando Caballero Buenfil, for district 13; the current local deputy Rigoberto Figueroa Ortiz, for the 14th district; Johnny Heredia Itzá, for the 15th district; Gloria Maas Baltazar, for the 17th; Diana Consuelo Campos, for the 18th district, and Luis Castillo Valenzuela, for the 21st district.

In the case of the mayoralties, the standard bearers are Emilio Lara Calderón, for Hopelchén; María Cruz Cupil Cupil, for Calakmul; Óscar Rosas González, will seek re-election for Carmen; Cinthya Velázquez for the new municipality of Seybaplaya; Juanita Cortés Moo by Calkiní; and José Brito Pech for Hecelchakán.

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Gilberto Avila.

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