The production company of the series ‘Foundation’ will record in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from March 1

Sequence from the AppleTV sci-fi series ‘Foundation’.

The productora Apple TV will start recording scenes from his star series Foundation at locations in the city of Santa Cruz starting next Monday, March 1. It will do so in different parts of the city, among which are the Hotel Mencey, which announces its reopening for the 15th, and the Fairgrounds.

Apple TV intends to develop this production for compete with Netflix and HBO, the platforms that currently lead the spectrum of the series on a planetary level. In addition to Santa Cruz, Apple TV will shoot on stages in the town of Tuineje, in Fuerteventura, one episode of the six that the season consists of. The calculation of its mayor, Esther Hernández, is of about ten million euros of profit, fifteen of direct jobs and another as many as part of the logistics. Not counting those who can be hired as extras.

Foundation is a science fiction series, based on the works of Isaac Asimov, which is highly anticipated by the many fans of the genre. The story centers on a scientist, Hari Seldon, which invents a kind of mathematics that can predict the future. Hari decides to create The Foundation, a colony of exceptional, unique and intelligent people with the aim of preserving all human knowledge necessary to re-create a civilization, facing the fall of the Galactic Empire. They will soon discover that the only way to save humanity is to challenge the Empire.

The series is written and produced by some of the creators of the series with the most success in the Anglo-Saxon audiovisual market. It also has the participation of Robyn Asimov, daughter of the writer and also executive producer.

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