The Provincial Council approves aid of 206,373 euros for 38 municipalities due to the Gloria storm

CASTELLÓ. The governing board of the Castellón Provincial Council has approved the final award of 206,373.13 euros in aid for 38 coastal and interior municipalities that between January 19 and 22 had to face the extraordinary expenses caused by the irruption of Storm Gloria, which led to urgent tasks of opening and cleaning roads and contracting machinery and personnel costs.

It has been announced by the president of the institution, José Martí, who stressed that “from minute one we stood by the side of the mayors and mayors of the province, given the evidence that we were facing the most adverse meteorological phenomenon that had been recorded for decades in our regions.”

Once the administrative processing of these grants was completed, which was also affected by the suspension of terms imposed by the decree declaring the State of Alarm, the governing board of the Provincial Council, with the favorable Intervention report, has given the green light to the proposal of the technical evaluation commission established in the provincial institution. The only application for a subsidy that was rejected was that of Peñíscola because it had been submitted outside the period established in the bases of this call for aid.

The president has stressed that the storm Gloria “It has meant an extraordinary unforeseen expense for the Provincial Council of 837,654.13 euros because to the aid of 206,373.13 euros for the municipalities must be added the 376,000 that the provincial institution allocated to the hiring of machinery and the reinforcement of personnel and the 255,281 invested in urgent repairs on the roads ”. Martí recalled that the storm was of such magnitude, “that we were forced to act as quickly as possible so that the affected municipalities on the coast and inland could regain normalcy.”

This is the list of grants:


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