The Provincial Court of Barcelona exonerates Sandro Rosell and Barça of spying on Jaume Roures – Football

The president of the Mediapro group, Jaume Roures, he still thinks that the former president of Barcelona Sandro Rosell it is “the person responsible for the espionage” to whom he considers that he was subjected “for at least three years”, so that beyond rectifying their statements in this regard, they reaffirm them.

Through a statement, Oaks refers to the resolution of the Provincial Court of Barcelona and states: “Against the criteria of the examining court of No. 8 of Barcelona” It has been agreed “the provisional dismissal of the proceedings with respect to Sandro Rosell in the framework of the investigation for the espionage that I suffered for more than three years.”

“If at any time new indications or facts appear that determine the involvement of Sandro Rosell, the procedure against Mr. Rosell could be reopened”, remember.

Oaks considers that the Provincial Court itself recognizes that the employees of Sandro Rosell and FC Barcelona Robert Cama Y Juan Carlos Raventós they spied on him and “they were made with hundreds (or thousands)” from your emails “personal and work, which they shared with Sandro Rosell, whom the Provincial Court considers a mere passive recipient, in the absence of more evidence about his participation in the seizure and dissemination” of those emails.

The president of Mediapro assures that he respects, but does not share, the criteria of the Provincial Court, but reiterates his conviction that Sandro Rosell era “the instigator of the conducts that are going to be prosecuted”.

“If he did not instigate them, why did he not denounce them during the more than three years in which they were reportedly receiving the emails stolen by Robert Cama? And for what reason was Robert Cama subsequently hired by FC Barcelona?”, he wonders.

Also remember that “Mr. Rosell’s attitude of avoiding his responsibilities, unloading them on subordinates is not new” and puts as an example “his performance in the investigation and conviction of tax fraud in the signing of Neymar”.

“Despite being the President of FC Barcelona, ​​and therefore responsible for its management, he avoided all criminal responsibility, letting it fall solely on the club”, indicates Oaks.

In the order, the seventh section of the Barcelona Court dismissed the appeal filed by the president of Mediapro, Jaume Roures, and upholds the petition of the defense of Rosell that the provisional dismissal of the proceedings in the case is agreed.

Mediapro denounced Rosell in 2016 due to events that occurred between 2009 and 2011, having had access to the email of Jaume Roures, president of the aforementioned communication group.

The complaint was extended to the former head of the Mediapro IT department, Robert Cama; to the then general director of sections of FC Barcelona, Joan Carles Raventós, and to FC Barcelona and the Bonus Sport Marketing companies, of which he owned Rosell, and Socktel Servicios Informáticos.

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