The PS5 boot screen concept perfectly balances nostalgia and the next generation

PlayStation should take note: this startup screen of the PS5 concept is the perfect combination of nostalgia and the next generation, with influence on PS1.

The official revelation for PS5 is said to be imminent and the PlayStation fan base to be publicized. With next-generation consoles around the corner, many community content creators are flexing their skills in making concept design mockups on how both PS5 and Xbox Series X will look. With that in mind, Sony should take note: we may already have the perfect PS5 boot screen to marry the nostalgia of the classic console with a new generation atmosphere.

While the “boot menus” seem like a rather trivial discussion point compared to the initial range of software or hardware design of the system, it is in the mind of many players. In recent years, the boot menus have become a signature for consoles, whether we’re talking about how nostalgic the PS2 was or how overly memed the GameCube boot menu is. For a quick history of all the startup screens, watch the video below:

The concept art comes directly from the dedicated PS5 community of Reddit, where many other creators have taken a swing on the proposed start screen. And while the new video from the YouTube channel Paulo Manso Animation adapts the things we have seen from previous projects, concept art is an impeccable execution. You can check out the startup screen concept below and make sure your sound is on:

As you will probably notice, this is a stylistic fusion of the iconic PS1 boot screen with a new interpretation of what the next generation should look like. The home screen focuses on a remastered version of the classic three-color PlayStation logo, complete with variable gradients. Following the nostalgic music box, the logo switches seamlessly to the PS5 home screen proposed with a dynamic blue background.

The PS5 (along with its competitor, the Xbox Series X) is dominating the news recently. With a PS5 revelation unveiled in February, many Sony executives have mocked that surprise features will be revealed. What exactly these characteristics are is anyone’s guess. We are just happy to know that the PS5 will receive exclusive games in their launch range.

In any case, the PS5 will be released around Holiday 2020. As more information is developed on the next generation console, we will keep you updated.

Correction: The video was incorrectly credited to a Redditor; instead it was created by the same extraordinary concept artist who created the last boot screen. The correct information has been entered above.

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