The PSOE insists on demolishing the Gibraltar Gate after Brexit


Updated:08/04/2021 07:48h


The PSOE is committed to pull down the Gibraltar Gate and create a zone of shared prosperity after Brexit. This was stated on December 31 by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, when she announced the New Year’s Eve pre-agreement to negotiate a treaty with the United Kingdom regarding the British colony, and reiterated it this Wednesday in Algeciras (Cádiz) the president of the Senate Foreign Committee, Antonio Gutierrez Limones (PSOE).

“The New Year’s Eve pre-agreement It has to end up becoming a treaty by which the last remaining fence in the continental area of ​​the European Union (EU) is finally pulled and that will allow the management of the interdependence with the Rock and a shared future project for this area. The gate must be thrown down and the free movement of people and goods allowed because we are facing a historic opportunity that must be seized, “he said after meeting with the president of the Association of Municipalities from this Cadiz region, Juan Lozano.

For this senator, the New Year’s Eve pre-agreement was “a historic milestone” and he has argued that “After the Brexit storm, a rainbow of opportunities opens»For the area.

The mayor of Algeciras and senator of the PP does not share this vision, Jose Ignacio Landaluce, which argues that the Government is leaving aside the interests of Spain in the negotiation with the United Kingdom on Gibraltar to achieve a treaty after Brexit.

In this regard, he has indicated that he fears that the Foreign Minister of Spain has realized that has not done “things well. They are already saying about the four-year grace period for Frontex to control the airport and the port that nothing of that and, after that time, that the Civil Guard and the Police are controlling, less. They are buying time and that means that the interests of Spain are being put aside ».

“We have been deceived”

“If the United Kingdom and Gibraltar say that Spain is showing good will in the negotiations, that means that things are going badly for us. If the English and the Gibraltarians are happy, bad. They have deceived us, “he added.

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Landaluce has clarified that does not want evil for Gibraltar «But not for the Campo de Gibraltar either, and today, the truth is that Gibraltar has drawn the best of being in the EU and the best of being abroad. Against this, the much vaunted Comprehensive Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar announced by the Government, nothing at all.

UGT concentration by industry

This political scuffle was parked hours later in a concentration called by the UGT in Algeciras under the slogan “Save the industry” to support the project of the Cepsa Barrel Fund in San Roque, which environmental organizations have taken to court. The event obtained the support of representatives of the Administrations of the area of ​​different political signs and the president of the Bahía de Algeciras Port Authority, Gerardo Landaluce, among others. Of course, no representation of the San Roque City Council attended, in the hands of the PSOE, to which the UGT urged him to speed up all the procedures so that this ambitious action is a reality as soon as possible.

The UGT expressed in this protest, which obtained little public support, without complexes and without fissures, its support for this project in the Campo de Gibraltar because it considers it to be respectful with the environment and that is a priority to generate quality employment and develop the industrial fabric in the area. With an investment of around € 1 billion, will generate 3,000 jobs direct.

Pepe Alvarez, Secretary General UGT, defends its benefits “because we do not see any environmental aggression and we are convinced that it is a great opportunity for the Campo de Gibraltar, not only because of the jobs to be created but also because of those that are induced to help the industrial development of this region as a whole ”.

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Carmen Castilla, Secretary General of the UGT in Andalusia, defends the need to create quality employment and said that it comes from the hand of the industry.

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