The quarantine will no longer be compulsory for entrants from the United Kingdom and South Africa on April 10

Those who have entered the country from the United Kingdom and South Africa will no longer have to undergo a mandatory centralized quarantine from April 10th. (Provided by the command center)

In order to respond to the strain of the virus, the recent arrivals from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, etc. had to be forced to stay in a centralized quarantine station. However, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (7) that it will start at midnight on April 10 (flights). Arrival time), passengers who have travel history in the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa or the Kingdom of Swadini in the past 14 days (including connecting flights in the local area) will resume the quarantine measures for passengers arriving in Taiwan from tertiary endemic areas (anti-epidemic accommodation) after entry. Or 1 person and 1 household are quarantined at home for 14 days), there is no need to stay in a centralized quarantine station, and 7 days of independent health management should still be implemented in the follow-up.

Commander Chen Shizhong said that experts focused on the severity and necessity of quarantine when entering the country. The current epidemic situation in the UK has fallen sharply. Because of the vaccination, it is also in South Africa. There has been no new addition to the local epidemic in the two months after the German variant virus. Slow down, so remove. However, Brazil continues to focus on quarantine due to its repeated record highs and the heat of the epidemic.

According to the command center, according to the epidemic surveillance data, the epidemics in the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa, and the Kingdom of Swadini have passed their peaks and have shown a significant decline. In addition, my country has not been detected outside these countries for more than 2 months The imported cases of COVID-19 virus variants, so the quarantine measures for passengers entering from the 3 countries have been adjusted.

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The command center pointed out that in order to ensure the safety of domestic epidemic prevention, all incoming passengers should present the “COVID-19 nucleic acid inspection report within 3 days before the flight schedule time” before boarding to Taiwan; passengers entering Taiwan should arrange for quarantine accommodation in advance (Anti-epidemic accommodation or home quarantine for 1 person and 1 household), and must complete an online health declaration in the “Immigration Quarantine System” and comply with relevant regulations. Entry quarantine measures will be adjusted in a timely manner based on the epidemic situation and implementation status.

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