The queen and the royal family just beat Meghan and Harry to tell their side of the story

While it may not seem too harsh for Queen Elizabeth to speak hours before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, those few hours could make a big difference abroad. While the queen will head to the UK on March 7, 2021, before the couple speak to Americans on CBS the same day, ‘it is not yet known how or when UK viewers will see Oprah’s full interview. , with the television companies already locked up. an international bidding war for the rights “of the interview, according to the Daily mail.

The outlet also reported that the couple’s interview “may have to be re-edited or even partially re-filmed due to the break it has caused with the royal family” and the hospitalization of Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip. Although sources say the interview has already been completed, it “might even be toned down” in light of the family drama.

The couple, who are expecting baby number 2, are said to have “broken their hearts” in their two-day interview with Oprah Winfrey. The sources state that “there are no topics [were] off limits “and one suggested that royalty may want to” hide behind the sofa in the palace “when they speak their truth. Meghan is also rumored to have referenced her estranged relationship with father Thomas Markle and half-sister Samantha Markle. Only time will tell if the queen will allow Meghan and Harry to have the last word.

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