The queen replaced Harry and Meghan from her formal agenda

In times of pandemic like those that the world has been going through for almost a year, monarchies go through that moment when only their anachronism as a social group stands out. Especially due to the evolution of those that are more mediatic since there are many others whose modesty or care that the journalistic media must have in their publications puts them safe from public and massive scrutiny. In recent months, the Dutch and Belgian crowns had their heyday, so to speak. The Spanish Bourbons have in Juan Carlos an anchor that takes them to the bottom with a ballast made up of an infanta they saved from jail, a son-in-law who is shortly serving his sentence and grandchildren who –literally– shoot themselves in the foot playing with firearms . The larval universe of those who are not head of the family of those crowns and cost taxpayers money is being targeted in a world where the social gap does not exactly offer encouraging data.

In this context, Meghan Markle and Harry add a new chapter to their departure from the British crown. A news event that will not make the London stock market rise or fall or affect country risk, if England ever had it. The announcement in question points out that the “transition period” agreed with the “almighty grandmother” is about to be completed, she confirmed that her grandson and his wife will no longer “continue with the responsibilities and duties that a life of public service entails.” . Therefore, both have to return honorary military appointments and royal sponsorships, which will be redistributed among active members of the Crown. Likewise, in the statement, they clarified that Harry and his wife “continue to be very dear members of the family.” Diplomats, both offered to continue supporting the organizations they had represented.

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