the reactions after the premiere of the duet of Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal

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One of the most anticipated collaborations of the year was that of Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal, single that premiered last Thursday night and that in a matter of hours has become one of the public’s favorites because in the video The beauty of the interpreter, the gallantry of the former coach of Belinda’s boyfriend and the talent of both singers are highlighted.

Tell me how you want is the name of the theme that united the voices of the exponents of the Mexican regional, and that in just a few hours has positioned itself in the trends in social networks.

With a virtual stage and the story of an unrequited love story, Both singers exhibited talent in the video clip for the song, where she wore an imposing red dress and he wore his characteristic black hat.

The collaboration had been planned since last year after the two agreed on the concert tour. Jaripeo without borders. He was the interpreter of Goodbye Love who approached the father of the young singer to explain the project that brought them together and now places them among the taste of his followers.

Christian Nodal commented a few months ago that he is very excited about this topic, so with the help of his colleague, he made a great promotion for this topic.

I am very grateful that Pepe Aguilar gave me permission to record with her. I have a lot of affection for her and I respect her a lot. He is one of the greats of the genre, “he said. Efe in May of this year and where he was already showing some details of the song he composed in collaboration with Edgar Barrera and which they recorded separately.

Angela herself also spoke of the premiere of Tell me how you want and how much she liked working with Belinda’s boyfriend, so there could be more collaborations of this kind.

“It is a very beautiful song, super innocent and they are going to like it a lot, because they need songs that are super respectful, beautiful and as they were before,” the young woman commented on the program. El Show the Tweety.

(Photo: YouTube screenshot)

“He wrote to my dad… he said ‘sir, I have this song that could be a super dad to your daughter’, then he wrote me and He told me ‘your dad already approved it, listen to the song’ and I already told him ‘he’s dad, but you have to change this and this’ and now”He commented on planning the theme.

The youngest of the Aguilar dynasty also related a funny moment about his rapprochement with Christian Nodal: “He sent me an audio of him singing the song, but pretending that I was singing, so he would throw some very high notes in falsetto, we all laughed at each other, but the song is very good and I think they are going to love it ”.

And as the young woman predicted, the issue caused a stir among the followers of both singers and was thus demonstrated on social networks.

“Knowing that Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal released a song together is all I needed in life”, “The most beautiful thing about the video is without a doubt Ángela Aguilar”, “How beautiful she looks”, “My Christian Nodal with my Angela Aguilar is shit, they make a better couple than with Belinda” or “It describes me completely”, were some of the comments that stand out on Twitter.


What does the song say … these are some verses

Tell me how you want this boy to love you, it’s done your way ask for that cute little mouth that I would do anything for you “, sings Nodal to try to conquer the young woman who refuses to fall into the nets of a” flirtatious “man.

“Tell me, what else do you want me to tell you if my friends don’t love you and a little less my family? What will they think if one day they look at us?Angela responds to her lover’s insistence.

“Ay, ay, ay… I’m not as bad as they say out there. Ay, ay, ay… I’m not a fool to ‘let myself be fooled ”, both interpreters add.


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