The reason Queen Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter will never be able to wear tiaras

The idea that princesses wear crowns is a lie, there is only one exceptional day in their entire life

The rules of royalty are often branded as exaggerated, most were raised many years ago where of course, the world was different.

Some protocols are harshly criticized such as the prohibition of wearing long pants for children under 8 years of age, public displays of affection and feminine dress codes such as the color of the nails or the type of makeup.

Some members have broken the rules like Lady Di and the rebellious Meghan Markle.

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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘princess’? Sure, a crown, so let me tell you that this idea is only for cartoons. Princess charlotte, daughter of Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth, She cannot be a duchess or wear tiaras because of a law.

Currently the second granddaughter of Lady Di is the fourth successor to the British throne, first there is her grandfather, Carlos, then her father, then her older brother and fourth her. This will change when Prince George becomes a father, there his children will displace the princess.

Seeing it well, why Charlotte be Queen, George should not have children or be unsuitable for the throne; I mean, it’s quite complicated. Kate Middleton’s daughter will also not be able to be a Duchess (the title closest to the King) because this title is carried only by the wives of princes like Meghan and Kate, for example. So though Charlotte be the King’s sister, she cannot be named that way.

princess charlotte

ANow, going back to the tiaras, you can never wear them. They are exclusive to the Queen and Queen Consote, that is, the King’s wife. So they will only be worn by his mother when Prince William is King and his older brother’s wife when he gets married.

However, there is a day in the lives of the women of the Royal Family where an exception is made: their wedding day.

Just as her aunts Beatriz and Eugenia, and her mother, Kate Middleton, have done on the day of the celebration of a Royal Wedding, the bride has the possibility to choose a tiara from the family collection to wear on her walk to the altar.

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So no, keeping in mind that princesses wear a crown whenever they can is a misconception that we have only created for movies; Charlotte, a royal princess, will not be able to use them in her entire life.

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