Mauricio Pochettino is experiencing his toughest period yet as Tottenham Hotspur manager.

7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League at their own stadium – the worst home result in their 137-year history.

Spurs appear different from the Argentine bosses and their run of results may be on a trip to Anfield on the horizon.

The Reds are top of the Premier League with eight wins out of nine and 21 goals scored to only seven conceded. At home they have scored a match of this season's season.

Pochettino's opposite number during Sunday's clash will be Jurgen Klopp, a manager of Liverpool's career at White Hart Lane and last season with a win in Champions League final over Spurs.

Pochettino's current predicament comparisons are now being made with the German and his past.

Klopp endured a punishing final season in the Bundesliga.

He had transformed Borussia Dortmund into title winners and Champions League finalists having taken on the club as a mid-table side in 2008. After seven years in charge, though, his reign seemed to have stagnated and results suffered.

By Christmas, Dortmund were in the relegation zone, and although the team eventually escaped, Klopp resigned from his position at the end of the season having come to the conclusion that he had.

Liverpool, the 52-year-old has won the Champions League, finished as runner up to Pep Guardiola Manchester City by a single point and reached three other cup finals.

Naturally, Tottenham's troubles under Pochettino have come to Klopp at Dortmund, especially ahead of their latest clash in the Premier League.

However, it is clear that the scenario in London is actually far worse than what faced the German in 2014/15.

Crucially, Klopp managed to retain a relatively high performance level in his final campaign despite the negative results.

Dortmund deserved more positive results on the whole, as they had better than the opposition for the most part.

The team dominated most opponents in terms of shots with 16 taken to match. Klopp's side thus amassed the third-highest xG in the division.

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Their pressing game had been left intact, and this can be captured using the numbers.

Passes Per Defensive Action (PPDA) offers a chance to look over the field.

Dortmund typically allowed around 8.7 pp before the end of the season.

Klopp's team plays just a little bit more than before, but not the extent that they were.

Their xG Against at the end of the campaign was the second-best behind only Bayern Munich, with the team having been expected to concede only 33 goals.

Ian Graham, Liverpool's director of research, concluded in 2015 that Klopp had an extraordinary length of fortune in his final year in Germany.

Klopp's Dortmund team were the second-most unlucky from 180 outfits.

Dortmund had been expected to score 54 goals and did not wait for them.

Spurs, by contrast, do not seem to be suffering from such randomness.

Pochettino's team are eighth in the division for xG, as well as being ninth for shots taken.

On the defensive side of the game, they seem to have greater struggles. Spurs are 17th for xG Against, having faced the fourth most shots in the league with 131, which is a remarkable 73 more than Manchester City.

If anything, Spurs have actually fallen in love with it, so they have scored more than expected, and then less than expected, so what a problem for Klopp's team in his final season.

In terms of pressing, Spurs posted a PPDA of 8.2 two years ago which was behind only City in the 2017/18 campaign. Last year, though, that moved to 9.4 before reaching 11.8 this season.

For perspective, the current PPDA figure of 11.8 places Spurs 12th in the division for pressing frequency high up the field, which is unusual and conflicts with the methods that have been instilled since the Argentine's arrival in London.

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Ultimately, Pochettino's troubles appearing similar to Klopp's five years ago.

The latest results from the bad luck of the year, and the merits of the case, rather than the harsh results.

If the Spurs boss is to follow a different path to Klopp by remaining in charge, he will have to make sure that he can.