The reasons why Kate Middleton is the best dressed European royal

Rare is the day that, with few exceptions, we do not congratulate Kate Middleton for their looks. Since 10 years ago it became part of the British royal family, The Duchess has gradually refined her style, adapting to trends without losing sight of her British stamp, the one that prints so well on all her outfits.

Your closet moves between the low cost universe and luxury brands, and almost always the flag of the basicFurthermore, it now recycles more than ever. A mix of ingredients that have crowned it as the fashion queen among european royalty; at least, that’s what a study conducted by Farfetch, a high standing multi-brand online shop.

Kate Middleton, en el National History Museum. (Kensington Palace)

We must highlight two things. The first, that Kate Middleton has crept into a ranking full of celebs, influencers and designers, all of them experts in the world of fashion, and the second, which is the only royal on the list, neither Meghan Markle nor Queen Elizabeth. There are plenty of reasons.

But we are not going to fool anyone, although the study places the Duchess as the best dressed royal, She is not the most praised British woman for her looks, as there is a woman who has taken that privileged first place from her. Kate is the second and ahead of it is Victoria Beckham.

Victoria and David Beckham, at Harry and Meghan's wedding.  (Getty)
Victoria and David Beckham, at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. (Getty)

28% of those surveyed ran for the designer and as a result of that avalanche of votes, she managed to rise to number 1 in the ranking. Kate Middleton follows very closely with 24% of the votes and behind her we find names like that of the Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni, the New York socialite Olivia Palermo, singer Ellie Goulding o la it girl británica Alexa Chung.

The main reasons behind Farfetch to put in second position Kate Middleton are his mastery of creating looks combining neutral and always flattering colors, his perfect fusion of new pieces with other recycled ones that are part of his dressing room, his love for low cost fashion and, of course, his predilection for the renowned designers of his country, as it has shown in recent months wearing designs of Suzannah, Stella McCartney y Emilia Wickstead.

Kate Middleton, in a file image.  (Kensington Palace via Getty)
Kate Middleton, in a file image. (Kensington Palace via Getty)

The figure, the style and the exquisite way of interpreting the trends that it innately possesses Kate Middleton are therefore recognized thanks to this luxury platform and the opinion of all its users who confirm that the Duchess is a global and royal fashion benchmark.

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